Committee on Advanced Professional Certification
December 2, 2002

Present: M. Bridge (UOTC), B. Butler (ETRA), D. Jackman, (Associate Dean, CoE), D. Johnson (LESO), J. Saban (LESO), A. Davidson for E. Seaver (COMD), N. Stahl (LTCY), S. Stratton (LESO), R. Wheeler, (Vice Provost), S. Wickman (CAHE),

R. Wheeler convened the meeting at 8:30 AM.

Hearing no motion to amend the November 4, 2002 CAPC Minutes, they were unanimously approved as presented.

D. Johnson and S. Stratton were welcomed as new voting members. D. Johnson will represent the Type 75 Chief School Business program, S. Stratton will represent the Type 75 Principal program and J. Saban will represent the Type 75 Superintendent program.

CAPC Bylaws
The committee favored language in the CAPC Bylaws to elect a chair-elect for one year prior to the academic year in which he or she will serve as chair. N. Stahl recommended using Article 3 language in the 2002 CAPC draft edition. Motion by N. Stahl and seconded by D. Johnson to approve the CAPC Bylaws as edited. Motion passed

R. Wheeler and M. Bridge will begin the process to file the CAPC Bylaws for university recognition.

With the CAPC voting membership in place and Bylaws approved, R. Wheeler recommended that the committee elect a chair to complete the 2002-03 term. By consensus of the group discussion, N. Stahl was nominated for the position of chair for the balance of the academic year, ending August 14, 2003, and J. Saban was nominated as chair-elect. J. Saban will begin his term on August 15, 2003. D. Johnson seconded the motion. Motion passed

R. Wheeler passed the administration of the meeting to N. Stahl.

Advanced Program discipline coordinators need to be identified. They will be responsible for maintaining the EU17 entitlement screen for the purpose of tracking advanced certification candidates. Tracking advanced certification candidates will: allow the unit to efficiently provide accurate data requested on annual reports, track program candidates and completers, and participate in the Illinois Data Warehouse system. Programs need to submit the name of their program discipline coordinator to M. Bridge by April 1, 2003. The Office of Registration and Records will then provide directions for accessing and entering information to the EU17 screen.

Conceptual Framework
The CAPC members were asked to bring an edited version of the NIU Conceptual Framework reflecting language changes appropriate for advanced certification programs to the January meeting.

Members are to send M. Bridge their list of research which supports the advanced programs’ philosophical link to the Conceptual Framework. The references will be included in the CF Bibliography. The names of references and theorists are requested by January 31, 2003.

Each program was asked to describe their current practice that would provide a way for them to track their candidates’ opportunities for experiences with diverse P-12 populations. Summary:

Program Portfolios used for assessment Internship requied in P-12 system Comments Placement indicators tracked
Superintendent Yes Yes  
Chief School Business Yes 13 months Indicators: Rural, Urban, Suburban and disabilities


Yes Often complete the internship where the candidate is working
Reading Redesigning Self-designed to cover aspects needed to meet standards Practicum housed in the region where the course is being offered
Speech Language Impaired No Yes One school-based practicum is required
School Counseling Devloping Yes At least one school-based internship
Library Media Effective July, 2003 Yes  
School Psychology      


Members were reminded that the unit will require that they complete the ISBE Content Area Matrices to demonstrate compliance. Programs with published ISBE Standards are: Chief School Business Official, Principal, School Superintendent, Library Information Specialist, Reading Specialist.

M. Bridge believes that the Office of R&R intends to provide an electronic entitlement process for initial and advanced candidates. The process is anticipated to begin Fall, 2003.

Sample surveys used by the initial certification programs to assess program competence and use of portfolios were shared.

The UOTC will provide the Criminal Background Check Request procedure for advanced candidates who are not currently employed in a public school district requiring a background check. The CBC forms and directions should be available at January 1, 2003.

The next CAPC Meeting will be held January 13, 2003. This is a change.

Motion by M. Bridge and seconded by S. Wickman to adjourn. Motion passed

Next CAPC- January 13, 2003