Committee on Advanced Professional Certification
November 4, 2002

Present: M. Bridge (UOTC), B. Butler (ETRA), D. Jackman, (Associate Dean, CoE), J. Saban (LESO), G. Seaver (COMD), C. Sorensen, (Dean, CoE), N. Stahl (LTCY), G. Waas (Psychology), R. Wheeler, (Vice Provost), S. Wickman (CAHE),

Minutes, October 7, 2002
J. Saban motioned and G. Wass seconded to accept the October 7, 2002 minutes as presented. Motion passed

CAPC Bylaws
The members discussed and made changes to the draft CAPC Bylaws. M. Bridge will make the changes and the Bylaws will be sent to the members prior to the next meeting. The committee recommended that the revised Bylaws be voted on at the December meeting.

Tracking Advanced Certification Candidates
The name and social security number of candidates who have been formally admitted and enrolled in advanced certification programs need to be sent to the UOTC by November 15, 2002. The information is requested in Excel or Access.

Tracking Advanced Certification Candidates Experiences with P-12 Students
In response to the weakness cited by NCATE/ ISBE, advanced programs will need to develop a system for tracking their candidate’s internships to “ensure that all candidates have opportunities to interact and work with diverse P-12 students”. The members requested guidelines for defining diverse. The systems need to be in place before the end of the 2003 spring term.

Content Area Matrices for Advanced Programs
Dr. Wheeler announced that initial certification programs are required to send him a letter no later than July 1, 2003, verifying that their programs are aligned with the Illinois Content-Area Standards. Advanced programs with Illinois Content-Area Standards also need to verify that they are in alignment. While completed ISBE Content-Area Matrices are not required at this time, they will most likely be required for the next accreditation visit.

S. Wickman reported that he attended the Unit Portfolio Committee meeting which is investigating the use of portfolios as an assessment tool.

Agenda items for future meetings:

1. Conceptual Framework
2. Dispositions that will be required of all advanced program candidates
3. Criminal Background Checks for advanced certification candidates
4. Tuition Waivers