Committee on Advanced Professional Certification
October 7, 2002

Present: Becky Butler (ETRA), Earl Seaver (Communicative Disorders), Joe Saban (LESO), Norman Stahl (LTCY), Gregg Waas (Psychology), Scott Wickman (CAHE), Margaret Bridge (University Coordinator of Teacher Certification), Robert Wheeler (Interim Vice Provost), Diane Jackman (Associate Dean, College of Education), Chris Sorensen (Dean, College of Education)

Saban moved and Waas seconded the motion to accept the September 9, 2002 minutes as presented. Motion passed.

The committee discussed and made changes to the draft bylaws. Norm and Margaret will make the changes and the bylaws will be sent to the committee prior to the next meeting for further review.

SAL Tracking Paperwork
Changes were made to the SAL tracking list proposal for inclusion on the SAL application.

Conceptual Framework
Laurie Elish-Piper agreed to re-write the conceptual framework document.

Unit Assessment
Earl Seaver (Communicative Disorders) volunteered to serve as the CAPC representative for the unit assessment committee. The committee meets once or twice a semester.

The next meeting will be held on November 4, 2002.

Meeting adjourned.