Committee on Advanced Programs for Certification In Education
May 5, 2003
Graham Hall 423  8:30-10:00 A.M.
Minutes (Approved)

Present: M. Bridge (UOTC); R. Butler, (ETRA); D. Jackman, (Associate Dean, CoE); D. Johnson, (LESO); J. Saban, (LESO); G. Seaver, (SLI,COMD); C. Sorensen (Dean, CoE); R. Wheeler, (Vice Provost)

Not Present: C. Montgomery, (Associate Dean, Graduate School); N. Stahl, (LTCY); G. Waas, (Psychology); S. Wichman, (CAHE)

The meeting convened at 8:30 AM.  No items were added to the agenda.

A motion was made by D. Johnson and seconded by R. Butler to approve the April 7, 2003, minutes as corrected.  Motion passed

E. Seaver presented the Unit Assessment Committee’s Update on the Unit Assessment Plan as a summary of the committee’s work.  Considering the amount of work to be done by the committee in 2003-04, he recommended that an increase in CITC and CAPCE representation on this committee needs be considered in the Fall.

J. Saban reported that he and Norm Stahl are working on a Tracking Diversity Experiences template which will be shared with the committee in the Fall.

A motion was made by D. Johnson and seconded by R. Butler to approve the Conceptual Framework as edited by CITC at its May 2, 2003, meeting.  Motion passed

The membership was reminded to contact Suzanne Warber for EU17 Screen data entry training.  The following individuals were identified as program certification entry specialists:
                 LESO                   Rebecca Leneau
                 SLI (COMD)        Jeanne Chakraborty
                 Reading                Brigid Brennen

Advanced program completer information will be sent to the Data Warehouse by Donna Askins as soon as completer information can be accessed from Registration and Records.

C. Sorensen reported that :

1.     The Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT) will be developed for the teacher shortage areas in special education, math and science.  NIU is collaborating with
        community colleges to develop the special education AAT.  The UoI is leading the work on the AAT for the areas of math and science.
2.     The Professional Teaching Standards Board legislation is anticipated to pass and be implemented as early as January, 2004.  Concern was expressed at recent
        state meetings about the PTSB’s responsibility for program review, membership and the appeals board representation.
3.     Secondary endorsements may be added to a secondary certificate through passing the  appropriate content test beginning January, 2004.  Middle-grade
        endorsements will  continue to be added to a certificate through coursework as defined by the ISBE.
4.     Effective summer, 2003, the ISBE will no longer provide transcript evaluations for teachers  seeking subsequent certificates.  Candidates must complete an
        approved program to  acquire additional teaching certificates.  Colleges are concerned about how to handle the  anticipated increase in traffic by program

The possibility exists that Regional Offices of Education may no longer be funded by the State after July 1, 2003.  The committee discussed issues that may face institutions of higher education if ROE’s no longer exist as function as they currently do.   Immediate concern was for summer 2003 certification completers needing to file their Applications for Certificate.  R. Wheeler will contact Don Larson in the Office of Registration and Records regarding the status of R&R implementing electronic filing.

C. Sorensen reported that approximately 35 deans and associate deans from across the region met in April.  The meeting resulted in five recommendations on how to collaborate to serve all regional P-20 stakeholders.  Approximately 105 representatives from P-20 agencies met on April 23 at the NIU Naperville campus to consider issues on collaboration which resulted in a similar list of recommendations.  It was noted that one district superintendent recommended that the issue of No Child Left Behind be prioritized at future meetings.

C. Sorensen announced that the College of Education will be given two classrooms for NIU method’s classes by the DeKalb School District in the Malta Elementary School beginning Fall, 2003.  The College is anticipating a similar classroom arrangement in the Glen Ellyn School District effective, Fall.  Both of these districts have formal partnerships with the College of Education.

The following items were identified for the Fall, 2003 CAPCE agenda.
        1.     Unit Assessment Committee representation
        2.     CAPCE membership
        3.     Tracking diversity practice, policy and guidelines
        4.     Defining contemporary experience
        5.     Identifying and evaluating candidate dispositions
        6.     SAL application-identifying certification candidates

Consensus from the group was that the committee should continue to meet on the first Monday of the month, excluding holidays, 8:30-10:00 AM in Graham Hall, Room 423.  The next CAPCE Meeting will be held on September 8, 2003.  J. Saban will chair the committee.

The meeting was adjourned by consensus.

September 8, 2003
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