Committee on Advanced Professional Certification In Education
April 7, 2003, Graham Hall 423
Minutes (approved)

Present: M. Bridge (UOTC),: R. Butler, (ETRA) D. Jackman, (Associate Dean, CoE), D. Johnson (LESO), J. Saban (LESO), Howard Schwartz (COMD), C. Sorensen (Dean), N. Stahl (LTCY), G. Waas (Psychology) R. Wheeler, (Vice Provost), S. Wickman (CAHE),

The meeting convened at 8:30AM. No items were added to the agenda.

A motion was made by D. Johnson and seconded by J. Saban to approve the March 3, 2003, CAPCE minutes as presented. Motion passed by consensus.

Unit Assessment Plan Committee, no report was presented at this time. R. Wheeler requested that CAPCE review the CITC Unit Assessment Plan and CITC Research & Assessment Committee reports at the May meeting.

The CAPCE Bylaws were edited to reflect the changes recommended by the Rules and Governance Committee and approved by the CAPCE. Members were asked to check the copy for inclusion of all changes.

The NIU Conceptual Framework was edited to reflect the advanced programs’ candidate outcomes and programs. The edited conceptual framework will be presented to the CITC at its April 11, 2003 meeting for their review and comment.

R. Wheeler reported that the University Council has approved CAPCE as a university-level committee. M. Bridge will forward Dr. Carla Montgomery a copy of the CAPCE Bylaws and alert her to her membership on the committee.

N. Stahl reported on the need for programs to begin collecting data on their faculty’s contemporary experiences. N. Stahl will bring the CITC Committee on Policies and Procedures version of a contemporary experience survey to the May CAPCE meeting.

Members shared current practices on how their programs track candidates’ experiences with diversity. They determined that the advanced programs should use low income, limited English and ethnicity data reported on the school report card, and special education data on the district report card to evaluate the “diversity” of their candidate’s experiences. N. Stahl and J. Saban volunteered to draft a system for advanced programs to track diverse experiences. The draft will be presented at the May, 2003, meeting.

R. Wheeler reported that President Peters is mandating that NIU participate in the Illinois Data Warehouse, effective immediately. D. Askins is preparing the canidate information for transfer to the Data Warehouse this Spring term. Advanced programs need to submit the names of their “Certification Entry Specialist” (CES) to M. Bridge by May 1, 2003. The CESs will be responsible for entering program candidate data into the university entitlement records. The CESs will be trained by the Office of Registration and Records on the data entry process. They will also be required to complete FERPA training to acquire access to the appropriate entitlement screens.

R. Wheeler and C. Sorensen provided and update on the P-20 Agenda activities including a very productive Deans Summit held on march 23 & 24, 2003, and an upcoming P-20 Summit on April 23, 2003.

R. Wheeler clarified that advanced programs need to provide him a letter by July 1, 2003, verifying that the program’s candidates are being prepared in accordance with the appropriate Illinois Content Area Standards. While matrices demonstrating how the standards are being met will be required for the next accreditation review, they are not due at this time.

The next CAPC Meeting will be May 5, 2003.

The meeting adjourned at 10:00AM by consensus.