Committee on Advanced Programs for Certification
March 3, 2003, Graham Hall 423
8:30-10:00 A.M.
Minutes Approved

Present: M. Bridge (UOTC), D. Jackman, (Associate Dean, CoE), D. Johnson (LESO), J. Saban (LESO), E. Seaver (COMD), C. Sorensen (Dean), N. Stahl (LTCY), G. Waas (Psychology) R. Wheeler, (Vice Provost), S. Wickman (CAHE),

Not Present: R. Butler, (ETRA)

A motion was made by D. Johnson and seconded by G. Waas to approve the February 3, 2003 minutes. Motion passed by consensus.

G. Seaver reported that the Unit Assessment Committee is making progress on developing the Unit Assessment Plan to be aligned with the NIU Conceptual Framework.

S. Whickman shared the Unit Portfolio Committee Activity Report summarizing the committee’s work. Discussion followed on the different assessment needs between initial and advanced programs based on the ISBE and national professional association standards.

The edited NIU Conceptual Framework was distributed. Editorial changes are to be brought to the next CAPC meeting.

J. Saban will alert his department of the need for a CAPC representative for the Principal Program.

The CITC/CAPC liaison is an informal position which does not require a change to the CAPC Bylaws.

Discussion was held on the need for CAPC to develop a definition for the contemporary experience required of faculty in certification programs. Each advanced program may have a unique perspective of a contemporary experience based on the certificate for which their candidates are being prepared. CAPC members are to bring examples of what their faculty are currently doing to the April 7 meeting.

Filing applications through the electronic entitlement process by the Office of R&R is anticipated to begin Fall, 2003.

Before the next accreditation review, programs need to define and develop a systematic way to collect and use data on the dispositions of their candidates.

Developing exit surveys to collect certification elements common across all advanced programs for use by the unit was tabled until the September, 2003, meeting.

R. Wheeler brought forward three questions from Susan Mini, Rules and Governance Committee, regarding the CAPC request to be added to the “Committees of the University”.

  1. A motion was made by D. Johnson and seconded by J. Saben to amend the title of the committee to “Committee on Advanced Professional Certification in Education “. Motion Passed.
  2. The Committee proposes that Section 2.21 on Student Representation be changed to read as follows:
    “There shall be one student representative of an advanced professional certification program in education appointed by CAPCE annually. The committee will consider nominations from all of the advanced programs before making its selection.”
  3. The Committee recommends that it be designated as a “Committee reporting directly to the University Council,” the same status currently accorded to CITC.

R. Wheeler and C. Sorensen reported that the Chicago Public Schools approached NIU for the opportunity to recruit initial and advanced candidates. The CPS will be attending the April 14, 2003, Teacher Placement Day. Advanced programs are encouraged to announce this information to their candidates.

C. Sorensen reported that SB 1074 has been filed by the teacher’s union which will replace the ISBE Certification Board. She also discussed a proposed new certification test, ABCTE.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 AM.