Committee on Advanced Professional Certification
February 3, 2003
Graham Hall 423
8:30-10:00 A.M.
Minutes Approved

Members Present: R. Butler, D. Jackman, J. Saban, E. Seaver, N. Stahl, R. Wheeler.

  1. The CAPC January 13, 2003, minutes were approved.

  2. AACTE Report
    D. Jackman reported that it is becoming obvious that NCLB is going to have a dramatic impact upon schools in Illinois. It was also reported that the membership in AACTE is increasing and that NIU has contributed to the lawsuit settlement against AACTE.

  3. Conceptual Framework
    The conceptual framework was discussed with modifications suggested. Any other thoughts on the document should be E-mailed to Norm by February 7, 2003.

  4. Other
    Brief discussions were held on exit surveys and program accreditation. No decisions on these matters were made.

The next CAPC Meeting will be held on 3/3/03.