Committee on Advanced Program Certification
January 13, 2003

Present: M. Bridge (UOTC), D. Jackman, (Associate Dean, CoE), D. Johnson, (LESO), J. Saban (LESO), G. Seaver (COMD), C. Sorensen (Dean, CoE), N. Stahl (LTCY), S. Stratton (LESO), G. Waas, (PSYCH), R. Wheeler, (Vice Provost)

Norm Stahl, Chair, convened the meeting at 8:35 AM.

Motion by G. Seaver, seconded by J. Saban, to accept the December 2, 2002 minutes as presented. Motion passed

CAPC Bylaws
The CAPC Bylaws, 12-10-02 Edition, were reviewed as edited and approved by consensus. Suzanne Willis is working with the Rules and Governance Committee of the University Council to complete the process for CAPC to be listed in the Committees of the University publication.

The revised CAPC membership was reported as accurate.

CITC Liaison
Norm Stahl recommended that a liaison to CITC be identified to facilitate the work which is common to both groups. Norm will bring the issue to CITC at the January 17, 2003 meeting.

Conceptual Framework
Norm reminded the members to send a list of bibliographic entries representative of the advanced programs to support the conceptual frame to M. Bridge at the UOTC by January 31. Margaret will forward the list to Laurie Elish-Piper.

Editorial changes to the Conceptual Framework need to be submitted to M. Bridge at the UOTC by January 24. The CAPC will consider the recommendations at the February 3, 2003, meeting.

Tracking Candidate Experiences with Diverse P-12 Populations
Members are to present their process for tracking their candidates’ experiences with P-12 students at the CAPC April 7, 2003, meeting.

ISBE Content Area Matrices for Advanced Programs
Advanced programs with approved Illinois Content Area Standards were reminded of the July 1, 2003, due date for completed matrices.

Penelope Earley
CAPC members were informed that Dr. Penelope Earley will be on campus on Friday, February 21, 2003. Dr. Early will present at an open session from 10:00-11:30 AM in the Stevens Auditorium. CAPC members were invited to an afternoon workshop from 1:00 – 3:00 PM in the Heritage Room

NIU P-20 Task Force
C. Sorensen reported hat President Peters has created an NIU P-20 Task Force to identify what we are currently doing and our goals to meet the Illinois P-16 agenda. The issues will be distributed to members.

Electronic Entitlement Database
Information on the Office of Registration and Records entitlement program update screen EU17 was distributed.

Criminal Background Information
Information for advanced program candidates to request a criminal background check is available on the teacher certification web site

Margaret will follow up on the following certification issues:

1. Basic Skills Test for advanced program completers. (all certificates require passage)
2. APT requirement for advanced program completers. (required for all early childhood, elementary, secondary and K-12 certificates, not administrative and school service personnel)

Future Agenda Items

1. Contemporary Experience in Schools
2. Filing advanced candidate applications through the electronic entitlement process
3. Dispositions
4. Exit Surveys

Meeting adjourned at 10:00 AM