Presented 11 18 09
Approved 11 18 09

Athletic Board
Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Holmes Student Center Room #406, 1:00pm

Present:  Terry Bishop (Chair), Ken Zehnder, Leanne VandeCreek (proxy for TJ Lusher), Paul Bauer, Todd Latham, Tim Aurand, Jan Rintala, Jeff Compher, David Gaebler, Steve Sliga, Marcia Dick, Matt Streb, Jaclyn Curtis.

Guests:  Dee Abrahamson, Sr. Assoc. AD/Internal Affairs; Robert Collins, Deputy Director of Athletics; Glen Krupica, Deputy Director of Athletics.

I. Call to Order - Terry Bishop

II. Approval of September 16, 2009 Meeting Minutes

Jan Rintala made a motion to approve the September 16, 2009, meeting minutes.  Matt Streb seconded the motion.

Having no discussion, no additions, deletions or corrections, motion was carried.

III. Faculty Athletics Representative - Jan Rintala

A. Jan will be attending FARA meetings November 12 through 14 in St. Louis. One of the big agenda items is to receive preliminary reports on the NCAA survey on substance abuse. They will also be receiving reports from the sport enhancement groups (Men’s Basketball and Baseball). There is a program for at-risk student-athletes (FLAG) which will also be providing an update to the group. The group will begin to review upcoming pieces of legislation to determine whether FARA wishes to take a stand on any of them in particular. Of particular interest is the discussion about the use of student-athlete likenesses in video gaming.

B. The exit interview process will be commencing shortly. Jan is going to be revising the exit interview instrument taking into account recommendations from the certification process. This survey is administered to student-athletes whose eligibility has been exhausted.

C. Second stage of APR data collection is in process. The data was submitted and now the data is in the process of being reviewed to determine whether we will be requesting adjustments.

IV. Committees

A. Equity/Diversity

No report. Terry pointed out that we are still seeking an Athletic Board member to chair this subcommittee.

B. Budget

Report will be presented under "New Business."

C. Student-Athlete Wellbeing

No report.

D. External Relations

No report.

Terry reported that we are still looking to populate some of the committees and identify chairs for External Relations and Equity/Diversity. We need to finalize that before the next meeting as there will be items to address coming out of certification. Matt Streb said the steering committee will be making some additional determination as to items for each of the Athletic Board subcommittees to address. Terry encouraged Board members to volunteer to serve on a subcommittee if they have not yet done so.

V. Old Business

A. NCAA Certification Update - Matt Streb

Matt reported that the peer-review team was on campus at the end of September. They were particularly impressed with the 18 student-athletes with whom they met during the visit. The team was also impressed with the facilities on campus. 

There are nine remaining issues yet to address though the majority are very minor and should not require a great deal of time to address. Once we submit the response to these items, we should get a final determination in April, 2010. The next visit should be in 10 years.

Terry said the current cycle was different from the previous one because we have a number of things for which we are responsible to address in the next 10 years. The Athletic Board will have things to do on a more frequent basis during this same time. Matt added that the Diversity and Gender plans must be updated in five years. Terry said this group must be prepared to provide status reports in the intervening years.

Jeff Compher reported that Bobbie Cesarek, a staff member in the Athletics Department, is going to put together a project list for Athletics which can be used to update the Athletic Board as well as other groups and offices on campus, on what must be done as a result of certification. The list will provide yearly due dates for items the department is responsible to complete. It will allow Athletics to be better at keeping track of progress than it had been in the past. Terry stated that the certification process did seem to go rather smoothly which is a sign of the commitment from the university administration.

VI. New Business

A. Revised FY10 Wrestling Group Ticket Price

Glen reported that Dave Grant has stated he would like to make it as easy as possible for small groups to attend the showcase meet (NIU vs Northwestern on Thursday, December 3) as well as the many wrestling enthusiasts in the local area.

Jan Rintala made a motion to approve the proposed group ticket price for Wrestling’s showcase meet on December 3, 2009. Ken Zehnder seconded the motion.

Having no discussion, motion was carried unanimously.

B. FY10 Basketball Comp Ticket Policy

Paul Bauer noted that in the past, this policy had been combined with the Football comp ticket policy.

Glen began by saying that in an effort to reduce the number of comp tickets distributed, the number of overall Athletics staff tickets being printed is not as high. Staff tickets will now be printed on an as-needed basis only. This is intended to help streamline the process.  The intention is to reduce numbers of comps across the board. Using the policy which is being proposed today should reduce the individual comp tickets by approximately 2,000 per game.

Steve Sliga asked for the rationale behind the reduction. Glen responded that there were so many comps available, value was decreased. As the products get better, the value needs to be there. Jeff added that these were reserved seats and they will be moved to general admission seating. This could save by not having to pull out all of the seats for each game. Athletics wants to fill the lower bowl first.

David Gaebler made a motion to approve the FY10 Basketball Comp Ticket Policy as presented. Ken Zehnder seconded the motion. Having no further discussion, the motion was carried unanimously.

VII. Announcements/Adjournment

A. Miles for Myles - Robert Collins

On Saturday, November 7, at 10am, NIU Athletics will be hosting and participating in the nationwide initiative in honor of Dr. Myles Brand, president of the NCAA, who passed away in September. 'Miles for Myles' is a three-mile run/walk for which each participant donates $1 and the proceeds will divided  between the Kay Yow/WBCA Cancer Fund, Coaches vs. Cancer (NABC), and the Myles Brand Endowed Chair for Cancer Research at the Indiana University School of Medicine. You should begin to see 'Miles for Myles' flyers around campus. Athletics certainly invites Board members, families, and friends to participate in the event.

B. Hall of Fame Banquet/Induction - Glen Krupica

On Friday evening, October 30, we will have the Hall of Fame Banquet and induction ceremony. The evening begins with a reception at 6pm followed by dinner at 7pm.

Jan Rintala made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Todd Latham seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

The next meeting of the Athletic Board is Wednesday, November 18, 2009, at 1pm in Holmes Student Center Room #406.  The executive committee will meet on Wednesday, November 4, 2009, at 1pm in the athletics administration conference room in Convocation Center #200.