Presented 1 17 07
Approved 1 17 07

Athletic Board
Wednesday, November 15, 2006
Holmes Student Center #306, 1:00p.m.

Present: Terry Bishop (Chair), TJ Lusher, Tim Aurand, Beth Wilkins, Josephine Umoren, Malcolm Morris, Steve Sliga, Marcia Dick, Matthew Streb, Brent Delgado, Aaron Langguth.

Guests: Sheila Berg, Assistant Athletics Director-Financial Operations; Robert Collins, Senior Associate Athletics Director; Glen Krupica, Senior Associate Athletics Director.

I. Call to Order – Terry Bishop

II. Approval of October 18, 2006 Meeting Minutes

Malcolm Morris made a motion to approve the October 18, 2006, meeting minutes. Aaron Langguth seconded the motion.

Several additions and corrections were submitted. Janaan will send out a correction version of the minutes. Following that, motion was carried.

III. Faculty Athletics Representative – Jan Rintala

Because Jan is not at today’s meeting, Terry mentioned that she will have a report at the January 17, 2007, Board meeting regarding the graduation success rate (GSR) information.

IV. Committee Reports

A. Equity/Diversity – TJ Lusher

No report. TJ did state that the committee has received some communication from the NCAA questioning the usefulness of surveys for gathering information. At this point, the survey this committee would undertake is on hold until there is further clarification of what Myles Brand’s (President of the NCAA) memo regarding the assessment of interest in participation and charges of non-compliance with Title IX.

Terry went on to explain that meeting Title IX is comprised of three “prongs”:

• that the percentages of male and female athletes are substantially proportionate to the percentages of male and female students enrolled; or
• that it has a history and continuing practice of expanding athletic opportunities for the underrepresented sex; or
• that its athletics program fully and effectively accommodates the interests and abilities of the underrepresented sex.

Athletics has done some things such as limiting squad sizes to comply with Title IX. Athletics also fully supports women’s NCAA maximums in the sports. Dr. Brand’s memo indicates rather strongly that surveys may no longer be a useful way to demonstrate compliance.

B. Budget – Paul Bauer

1. First Quarter Report (information only)

Sheila distributed copies of the first quarter report and provided a brief overview. All budgets are on target.

Terry asked that if Board members have questions regarding this information after this meeting, they can call Sheila directly.

C. Student Welfare – Beth Wilkins

Beth shared action items that the Student Welfare committee is working on:

1. 2010 NCAA certification process. Jan Rintala is providing guidance on student-athlete welfare. A group may be formed in 2008 for the 2010 cycle.

2. Contacting sub-areas under student-athlete welfare to gather any issues or concerns.

3. Have begun examining how student-athletes select their academic majors. Beth will ask Robert Collins to work with Francine St. Clair in Athletics to gather data. The committee is working on developing a survey instrument to be administered in January 2007. It may be necessary to file an IRB because the survey is being administered to student-athletes. Terry suggested contacting Dan House regarding the necessity of filing an IRB.

Terry explained that discussion had been held at executive committee about the possibility that student-athletes may not be majoring in areas they are interested in because of various constraints. Jim Phillips would like to proactively study this topic. Jan Rintala is going to pull together information about where our athletes do end up with majors. Beth then said she would be getting additional guidelines for the IRB. It would be better to have the approval at the beginning of our process. She encouraged Board members to contact her about suggested questions or items for the survey. Beth would like to conduct the survey on-line. TJ mentioned that SurveyMonkey is a good option since it is free for up to 1,000 responses. Alternative modes of survey distribution (coaches and /or meetings with sport teams) were also discussed briefly.

D. External Relations – Tim Aurand

Tim reported that the committee has met and is looking at ways to increase faculty/staff involvement in Athletics, such as their attendance at games. The committee is looking at the differences from last year’s faculty/staff involvement to this year’s. If anyone has ideas, please let Tim know.

V. Adjournment

Aaron Langguth made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Malcolm Morris seconded the motion. Carried unanimously.

The next meeting of the Athletic Board will be on Wednesday, January 17, 2007, at 1:00pm with the location yet to be determined. The executive committee will meet on Wednesday, January 3, 2007, at 1:00pm in the Athletics Administration Conference Room.