Presented 1 19 05
Approved 1 19 05
Athletic Board
Wednesday, November 17, 2004
Barsema Hall #137, 1:00 p.m.

Present: Terry Bishop (chair), Brian Hemphill, TJ Lusher, Paul Bauer, Ron Short, Tim Aurand, Jan Rintala, Jim Phillips, Earl Hansen, Josephine Umoren, Malcolm Morris, Bob Beatty, Ken Davidson, Marcia Dick, Charles Miller, Craig Marcus, Oliver Vasquez.

Guests: Sheila Berg, Athletics Business Manager; Tekla Martin, Director of External Affairs.

  1. Call to Order - TerryBishop

  2. Approval of September 15, 2004, Meeting Minutes

    Earl Hansen made a motion to approve the September 14, 2004 meeting minutes. Jan Rintala seconded the motion.

    Having no corrections, additions or deletions, the motion was carried unanimously.

  3. Committee Reports

    1. Equity/Diversity - TJ Lusher

      In response to questions asked about the about the gender equity survey we have offered TJ indicated that we do not need to administer a paper survey until 2007-08. Before that, we might want to offer an open forum for students to come talk about accessibility to sports on campus and if they feel they are being treated equitably. TJ then opened the floor to discussion.

      Jan Rintala asked if the use of an open-forum approach has been done before. Paul Bauer indicated that when Dr. Elliot Lessen was here approximately 1,000 students participated in open discussions, most of whom were his students. The question arose as to whether that particular class is still offered and if we could get them to participate again. Earl Hansen suggested administering a survey via e-mail. TJ then asked if the Board's feeling is that the survey should be administered now rather than waiting until 2007-08. Terry said we should probably discuss this more with Dee Abrahamson and see if she will attend the next executive committee meeting.

      Terry went on to ask if this is a structure for responding to the OCR's (the Office for Civil Rights) requests or if there is expectation that the 2007 survey would be sufficient? Earl said when doing this electronically, you miss the graduate students. Terry clarified that this is about undergraduate participation in athletics, so graduate input may not be necessary or even appropriate. Jan suggests pulling out the information from the most recent NCAA certification cycle regarding gender equity, welfare and sportsmanship. A timeline had been established for those areas. Terry then concluded that more discussion should take place with the executive committee and that perhaps Ken Davidson should be involved.

      It was also suggested that the executive committee develop some language relative to this issue to be kept on file for future purposes.

    2. Budget - Paul Bauer

      Paul provided an overview of the fourth quarter and first quarter reports. The first quarter report will presented at the January meeting and Board members will have an opportunity to bring forward questions they may have at that time.

    3. Student Welfare - Malcolm Morris

      No report.

    4. External Relations - Tim Aurand

      1. Looking at offering four-pack tickets for $20 for the December 4, January 22, February 9, and February 27 games.

      2. Wednesday, November 24, is "Cram the Convo" night for men's basketball versus Southwest Missouri State.

      3. Selling Huskie Hoop Time bracelets for $1 each. The proceeds will go to Illinois families with family members either serving in Iraq or who died in Iraq. NIU students who purchase the bands will get discounted soda, popcorn, and t-shirts at basketball games.
  1. Faculty Athletics Representative - Jan Rintala

    Jan has been very busy traveling to three different meetings on the Board's behalf. Jim Phillips and she went to the Division 1A meetings in Dallas, though their meetings were separate most of the time. They took a vote to make the Division 1A faculty athletics representatives an official organization. There will be some financial support from the NCAA. Each Division 1A conference will have a representative and Jan is going to represent the Mid-American Conference on the steering committee.

    Among other things, they discussed ways to get faculty more involved in Athletics through the FARs.

    Jan also attended MAC meetings in October regarding strategic planning initiatives for the conference. Each group discussed, among other things long-range plans, core values, and academic and student welfare issues.

    Jan just returned from the FARA meetings in Washington, DC. Myles Brand, president of the NCAA, was there and talked about the NCAA and the third phase of objectives (getting control of athletics back to the presidents and academic reform legislation). The third phase is fiscal responsibility and control over collegiate sports and trying to minimize the gap between the "haves and have nots." She had a panel of sports writers looking at the role of FARs with media when stories need to be told on campus. Media are going to contact people they thing would be "in the know" such as the FARs.

    They also talked about minority coaches in athletics and how the situation has not improved significantly over the years.

    Update on academic performance things. Submitted all the academic performance information (eligibility) to the institution. Sometime in January or February will be getting a hypothetical scenario of how our program would be impacted. Could be at risk by team of losing some financial aid. That is in effect Fall of 2005.

    Jan will provide NCAA legislation highlights at our January Board meeting.

  2. New Business

    1. Update - Jim Phillips

      1. New Personnel
        It will soon be announced that Athletics has hired a new head women's track and field/cross country coach. Connie Teaberry was a six-time national champion at Kansas State University and is probably the most decorated female student-athlete in their history. She was a recipient of the highest award given to a student-athlete while at Kansas State. She is a 1996 Olympian and has some previous ties to the Mid-American Conference. Connie had been out of coaching for a while but decided to return to it and is currently at Ohio University. Jim will ask Connie to attend the January Board meeting for introduction.

      2. MAC Update
      1. Membership Standards
        There is a push at the presidential and athletics directors
        level to come up with standards for each athletics department to have appropriate staffing and membership standards.

      1. Expansion
        Marshall and Central Florida will be leaving the MAC at
        the end of the year. The MAC is trying to expand the conference and discuss who makes sense institutionally, mission-wise, and athletically. At this point, Temple and Western Kentucky keep surfacing.

      2. Bowls
        The MAC has signed with a third bowl this year: the
        Silicon Valley bowl in San Jose, California. That bowl had been affiliated with the PAC-10 but that conference will not have enough bowl-eligible teams to fill the slot.

      3. Realignment
        With Marshall and Central Florida leaving, the question
        becomes whether Ball State or Bowling Green moves to the east division. It would make sense for Bowling Green to move back but work continues in that area.
  1. Adjournment

    Bob Beatty made a motion to adjourn the meeting. TJ Lusher seconded. Motion Carried unanimously.

The next meeting of the Athletic Board is scheduled for Wednesday, January 19, 2005, at 1:00pm in a location yet to be determined. The executive committee will meet on Wednesday, January 5, 2005, in the athletics administration conference room in the Convocation Center at 1:00pm.