Presented 9 15 04
Approved 9 15 04

Athletic Board
Wednesday, June 16, 2004
Holmes Student Center Room #306, 1:00 pm

Present: Terry Bishop (Chair), TJ Lusher, Paul Bauer, Ron Short, Jan Rintala, Paul Carpenter, Josephine Umoren, Malcolm Morris, Gip Seaver, Bob Beatty, Ken Davidson, Marcia Dick, Nolan Davis, Craig Marcus.

Guests: Dee Abrahamson, Associate Athletics Director; Stacy Allie, Assistant Athletics Director; Sheila Berg, Athletics Business Manager; Robert Collins, Associate Athletics Director.

  1. Call to Order - Terry Bishop

  2. Approval of May 5, 2004 Meeting Minutes

    Jan Rintala made a motion to approve the May 5, 2004, meeting minutes. Paul Bauer seconded the motion.

    Having no additions, corrections or deletions, the motion was carried.

  3. Committee Reports

    1. Budget
      No report. Will be addressed under Old Business.

    2. Equity/Diversity
      TJ Lusher presented an overview of the analysis of the Spring 2003
      Survey of Sports Interests and Abilities. The information presented shows that, overall, NIU is doing very well. Participants had a very positive opinion of sports opportunities here, whether they were intramural, recreational, or intercollegiate athletics. As it relates to Title IX, women are very pleased with the options and choices.

      The only recommendation from the equity/diversity subcommittee is that when the survey is administered again, Athletics should work with SSRI and to administer it electronically.

      Paul Bauer asked how frequently the survey should be administered. Dee answered that the law does not specify so perhaps it is an institutional choice. Paul then said that every year is too often but every three years is too long a time. Terry Bishop stated that we should probably address this matter after the new athletics director is named so it can be discussed with that individual. TJ will contact SSRI about the future project to get an approximate cost.

    3. Student Welfare/Academics
      No report.

    4. External Relations
      No report but Tekla Martin did introduce Darien Westerfield, the new assistant director of development.

  4. Faculty Athletics Representative - Jan Rintala

    Jan reported that she has attended both an NCAA rules seminar and also the MAC spring meetings recently. One of the most significant things to come out of the MAC meetings was the change in acknowledging student-athletes' academic accomplishments.

    She also stated that the faculty athletics representatives are very unhappy with the new NCAA coaches certification test. They are going to recommend that a professional test writer write the test.

  5. New Business

    1. FY05 Complimentary Ticket Policy

      1. Football/Basketball

      2. Volleyball/Gymnastics/Wrestling
      3. Malcolm Morris made a motion to approve the FY05 complimentary ticket policies as presented. Jan Rintala seconded the motion.

        Before discussion began, Terry suggested that both complimentary ticket policies be handled as one package.

        Sheila pointed out that on the football/basketball complimentary policy, the only change is that the major gifts officer for athletics category has been added. The only change on the volleyball/gymnastics/wrestling complimentary policy is the removal of the Huskie Club category.

        Having no other questions, the motion was carried and the FY05 complimentary ticket policies were approved.

    2. FY05 Ticket Prices

      Jan Rintala made a motion to approve the FY05 ticket prices as submitted. Nolan Davis seconded the motion.

      Sheila stated that the basketball ticket prices are the same as last year's prices. Paul Bauer recommended considering both the men's and women's basketball ticket prices and the volleyball/gymnastics/wrestling ticket prices as a package.

      Sheila pointed out that the volleyball/gymnastics/wrestling ticket prices are now the same whether the event is held in the arena or in Victor E. Court.

      Having no further discussion, the motion was carried and the FY05 ticket prices were approved.

  6. Old Business

    1. FY05 Budget Recommendation

      Sheila began by saying there are no changes in any of the budgets from
      last year. She has adjusted the revenues based on projected tuition costs but that is the only change.

      Malcolm Morris made a motion to adopt the FY05 budget recommendation. TJ Lusher seconded the motion. Having no further discussion, the motion was carried.

    2. Student-Athlete Discipline Code - Ken Davidson

      Copies of Ken's revised discipline code were distributed to the Board members. Since the Board is advisory only, this is presented as an informational item.

      Paul Bauer asked if the marching band and Silverettes would be included in this policy but Ken said he will not be adding them to the policy but for future reference, this should be noted.

      Malcolm Morris made a motion to endorse the Administrative Disciplinary Code as presented. Paul Bauer seconded the motion. Motion carried.

    3. Ray Tourville Memorial

      Because George Shur is not in attendance at today's meeting, Terry said he is unsure whether or not George has contacted Sharon Tourville to discuss the Board's intention to honor Ray. Therefore, we will hold off discussion and distribute information to the Board via e-mail at a later date.

  7. Announcements/Adjournment

    1. Gip Seaver provided an update on the status of the search for the new athletics director.

    2. Paul Bauer reported that Larry Stoffel has resigned as Director of Huskie Bands. He has taken a position at California State University - Northridge. Peg Ortega will be interim director next year.

Paul Bauer made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Malcolm Morris seconded the motion. Carried unanimously.

This is the final meeting of the 2003-04 academic year. The first meeting of the 2004-05 academic year is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, September 15, 2004.