Presented 6 16 04
Approved 6 16 04

Athletic Board
Wednesday, May 5, 2004
Holmes Student Center Room #306, 1:00pm

Present: Terry Bishop (Chair), TJ Lusher, Paul Bauer, Ron Short, George Shur, Paul Carpenter, Josephine Umoren, Malcolm Morris, Bob Beatty, Ken Davidson, Nolan Davis, Craig Marcus.

Guests: Sheila Berg, Athletics Business Manager; Tekla Martin, Director of Development

  1. Call to Order - Terry Bishop
  2. Approval of April 21, 2004 Meeting Minutes

    Malcolm Morris made a motion to approve the April 21, 2004, meeting minutes. Bob Beatty seconded the motion.

    Having no corrections, additions or deletions, the motion was carried.

  3. Committee Reports

    A. Budget
    The FY04 Third Quarter Report was presented as an informational item.

    B. Equity/Diversity
    TJ Lusher distributed a memorandum which has been sent to Terry Bishop to bring the Athletic Board's attention to Women's Track and Field and a Title IX agreement that was signed with the Office for Civil Rights in 1996. That agreement resulted in the addition of women's track and field here. The program has a good coach and an improving team but we need to look at track facilities for the team.

    Upon further discussion of the memorandum, it was suggested there are points contained in it which need to be clarified before it goes any further.

    The matter was tabled until the June 16, 2004 Athletic Board meeting pending presentation of the requested information.

    C. Student Welfare
    No report.

    D. External Relations
    Bob Beatty presented a third quarter report on the Huskie Club cash totals to date.

    Tekla Martin said the committee met regarding the survey they are working on and hopes to present information in the near future.

    She then provided a follow-up report on the April 22 White Sox game. It was very well-received by the donors. Tekla reminded the Board of the Ditka event which is May 6.

  4. New Business

    A. FY05 Budget Recommendations
    The FY05 budget recommendations were presented as an informational item. They will be acted on at the June 16, 2004, Board meeting.

    Terry then asked for ideas to honor Ray Tourville's contributions to the Athletic Board. Sheila had suggested, through the Campus Beautification Program, perhaps having a tree planted or a park bench named in Ray's honor.

    George Shur suggested that Sharon Tourville be contacted so as to be made aware of the Board's intentions. He said he would contact her.

  5. Announcements/Adjournment

    A. George asked to present the following items to the Board.

    1. George extended an invitation to the Board members to attend a "tailgate" being planned for Friday, May 7, prior to the home baseball game. Tailgating will begin at 1:00pm and the game begins at 3:00pm.

    2. Announced that Laura Scott has resigned as head women's tennis coach, effective May 31, 2004. Dee and George have met regarding this matter and are considering consolidating the men's and women's tennis programs administratively.

    He would like to bring a report back for the June meeting as to the status of this matter.

    Paul Bauer made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Malcolm Morris seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.

The next meeting of the Athletic Board will be on Wednesday, June 16, 2004, at 1:00 pm in Holmes Student Center room #306. The executive committee will meet on Monday, June 7, 2004, at 1:00 pm in the administration conference room in Convocation Center #200.