Presented 3 17 04
          Approved 3 17 04
Athletic Board
Wednesday, February 18, 2004
Holmes Student Center Room #306, 1:00 pm

Present:  Terry Bishop (Chair), TJ Lusher, Paul Bauer, Ron Short, Harry Wright, Jan Rintala, David LaCerra, Cary Groth, Earl Hansen, Paul Carpenter, Josephine Umoren, Gip Seaver, Bob Beatty, Ken Davidson, Marcia Dick, Ray Tourville, Nolan Davis, Cue Kadkhodaian.

Guests:  Sheila Berg, Athletics Business Manager; Tekla Martin, Director of Athletics Development

I.     Call to Order – Terry Bishop

II.     Approval of January 21, 2004 Meeting Minutes

Jan Rintala made a motion to approve the January 21, 2004, meeting minutes.  TJ Lusher seconded the motion.
Having no additions or corrections, the motion was carried.
III.     Committee Reports
A.     Budget
Will be addressed under New Business.
B.     Equity/Diversity
No report.
C.     Student Welfare
Terry Bishop stated that Malcolm is absent from today’s meeting but the committee will be meeting next week.
D.     External Relations
Tekla Martin, director of athletics development presented the following informational items.
In an effort to turn students into donors while they are still at Northern, Athletics is launching the Student Huskie Club.  This group is similar to the Dog Pound but it will get them into the habit of contributing financially to the University.  The cost is $25.00 and it gets them a t-shirt, guarantees them ticket pick-up for football and basketball, and something new is parking for them on the east side of the Stadium in the donor lot.
Tekla went on to say that a suggestion had been made to put up more billboards and increase visibility in the community.  Due to a city ordinance, no more billboards can be erected.
Tekla has talked to both Kim Kubiak at the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce and Nancy Castle at Mainstreet about getting Athletics included in public ventures.
She then brought up a couple of items for the calendar.  On Thursday, April 22, Joe Novak will be throwing out the first pitch at the White Sox – Yankees baseball game.  The Terrace has been reserved for this event.  The cost is $100 per person but that covers the cost of the game ticket and food and beverages for the evening.
On Thursday, May 6, a fundraiser for Athletics is going to be held at Ditka’s Restaurant in Chicago.  The cost is $250 per person and is limited to 250 people.  The event is being hosted by Mike Ditka and Jerry Vainisi.  Tekla added that Mr. Vainisi is underwriting the entire event so all money raised will go directly to Athletics.
Dave LaCerra reported that the July 2 Cubs-White Sox game has been designated ‘NIU Day.’
IV.     Faculty Athletics Representative Report
Jan Rintala began by saying she had attended conference meetings three weeks ago and during those meetings, the faculty athletics representatives met and concern was raised by the faculty representative from Miami (OH) University of individuals secured to speak at banquets and fundraisers while the football team participated in the GMAC Bowl.  Pete Rose spoke at a banquet and Jerry Tarkanian was inducted into their Hall of Fame.  It was felt that it wasn’t appropriate to have them speak to the student-athletes as honored guests during the festivities.

Discussion was also had regarding financial aid and the new legislation that allows student-athletes to receive aid up to the full cost of attendance.  This means they can receive as much financial aid as any other student.

There was also quite a bit of discussion regarding the Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics.  The coalition is looking into five different areas within intercollegiate athletics:  1) academic integrity, 2) athlete welfare, 3) governance of athletics at the school and conference level, 4) finances and 5) commercialization.  Cary is scheduled to make a presentation to the Faculty Senate here on March 3 and Jan will be going with Cary to that meeting.
V.     New Business
A.     MAC Report
1.     Membership
Cary said there has been conversation among the athletics directors and the presidents regarding Marshall and Central Florida’s status within the conference.  Since they are both leaving the Mid-American Conference beginning fall, 2005, discussion was held about developing a way to move them immediately and also whether they would be allowed to play in MAC championships.  It was decided they are both full members of the conference next year and they are eligible for all conference championships.
B.     NCAA Report
Cary said that with all of the media attention at other institutions, NIU will be looking into its own recruiting practices to make sure we are following the appropriate guidelines.  Legislation has also been proposed regarding the ’20 hours per week’ rule and its impact on travel days.  It has been proposed to not count travel days as a day off.  Currently, teams can do so.  That change could cause some problems for the teams since they travel by bus so much.
C.     Recruiting Practices
Cary reported that she had met with President Peters last week about the matter involving Dan Sheldon.  The president talked about putting together a committee to look into the situation and Cary has agreed that it would be a good idea.

The committee is being chaired by George Shur and will be working with Athletics to review the policies and procedures regarding recruiting.

D.     Second Quarter Report
Presented as an informational item only.
E.     2003-04 Comp Policy Second Revision
Sheila Berg stated that based on football’s success, the comp policy is being presented today for some clean-up.  She outlined the changes that the auditors had asked for clarification on.
Nolan Davis made a motion to approve the second revision of the 2003-04 comp policy.  Earl Hansen seconded the motion.
Having no questions, the motion was carried.
F.     FY04 Gymnastics/Volleyball/Wrestling Comp Policy Revision
Sheila went on to say that this policy is coming back to add the ability to provide complimentary tickets for charitable organizations and the special admission requested for card-holding members of the USGA for gymnastics.
Gip asked about the difference in price between events in the main arena and Victor E. Court.  He suggested having the same ticket prices for both areas.  Sheila said Athletics will do that next year.
Paul Bauer made a motion to approve the 2003-04 Revised Gymnastics/Volleyball/Wrestling Comp Policy.  Dave LaCerra seconded the motion.
Having no further discussion, the motion was carried.
G.     FY05 Football Ticket Prices
Tekla Martin began discussion by saying there are only five home football games this coming season.  The season ticket price of $75 remains the same but single game ticket prices have increased to $17.   A new category of tickets being offered this season is the ‘Young Alumni’ ticket.  The young alumni ticket is for students who have graduated from Northern in the last five years.  Their seats would be located in the east stands.
Cary then asked Tekla to report on the chairbacks and benchbacks in the west stands.  Tekla said last year, there were very few chairbacks available for season ticket purchase.  As of this year, the chairbacks are completely sold out and there is a waiting list of approximately 30 people looking for anywhere from two to ten season tickets in that area.  Benchbacks are currently 50% sold out and the goal this year is to sell them out completely.
Earl Hansen then asked about the status of the north bleachers.  Cary stated that they will be removed this summer and the area leveled to take advantage of some corporate opportunities in that area.  Athletics could also bring in portable bleachers, if necessary.  Because of the end zone facility project, Athletics wants to protect that space.  Cary then went on to give a brief summary of the end zone facility project.  The plans are to build a 39,000 square foot facility in the north end zone.  It will be funded through private gifts only.  It is not in the public phase at this time but hope by late spring or early summer, it will be.  There is currently $1.2 million committed to the project.  Cary offered to have Tim Stedman attend the March meeting to provide a status report on the project.
Having no further discussion, Nolan Davis made a motion to approve the FY05 football ticket prices.  Paul Bauer seconded the motion.  Motion carried.
VI.     Old Business
A.     Student Discipline Policy Progress Update
Ken Davidson reported that he has met with President Peters and Cary Groth regarding this policy.  There seems to be a mix of feelings at the top that there is no intent to change anything immediately because the policy has worked thus far.
Ken will get some options written up and compare them to the existing policy and begin trying to put something in a form to bring back to the Board.
B.     Student Ticket Pickup
Cary reported that the student representatives picked up their comp tickets the same day it was discussed at the Board meeting.

Regarding complimentary tickets, Terry went on to say that at some point in the future, people receiving complimentary tickets to NIU sports events will be signing a document which states 1) they understand the purpose of the tickets and 2) they understand that they cannot sell those tickets.

Terry also went on to say that the memorandum which had been given to Gip Seaver at the last Athletic Board meeting will be used by Gip to follow through with the retention task force and also with advisement staff on campus.

VII.     Adjournment

Jan Rintala made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  TJ Lusher seconded the Motion.  Carried unanimously.

The next meeting of the Athletic Board is Wednesday, March 17, 2004, at 1:00 p.m. in the Nelson Suite at the Convocation Center.  The executive committee will meet on Wednesday, March 3, 2004, at 1:00 p.m. in the athletics administration conference room in the Convocation Center.