Presented 1-15-03
          Approved 1-15-03
Athletic Board
Wednesday, November 20, 2002
Holmes Student Center Room #506, 1:00 p.m.

Present:      Raymond Tourville (proxy for Gip Seaver), Nestor Osorio, Paul Bauer, Ron Short, Harry Wright, Ray Dembinski, Earl Hansen, Keith Lambrecht,
                  Ken Olson, Marcia Dick, Joe True, Tara Hawkins, Brooke Robinson, Brent Moynihan.

Guests:       Sheila Berg, Athletics Business Manager; Robert Collins, Associate Athletics Director; Sandy Hafner-Arnold, Assistant Athletics Director; Scott
                  Lowenberg, Assistant Athletics Director

I.         Call to Order – Ray Tourville

II.        Approval of October 16, 2002, Meeting Minutes

Earl Hansen made a motion to approve the October 16, 2002, meeting minutes.  Ray Dembinski seconded the motion.

Having no additions or corrections, the motion was carried unanimously.

Ray Tourville pointed out that there are new members in attendance at today’s meeting and introduced them and welcomed them to the Board.

III.       Committee Reports

        A.     Budget

                No report.  We will address the two quarterly reports under New Business.

        B.     Student Welfare

                No report.

        C.    Gender Equity

                No report.

        D.     Faculty Athletics Representative

                Ray Dembinski mentioned at the October meeting that new NCAA legislation was pending regarding the 40/60/80 (percent of degree completed).
                That legislation has now been approved.  Preliminary information has been reviewed by Registration and Records about the impact on
                student-athletes.  The legislation may have a “grandfather” clause.  We may be in a situation where current and incoming students might have two sets
                of standards to meet.

        E.     Huskie Club

                No report.

       F.     Scheduling

                No report.

IV.     New Business

        A.     FY02 Fourth Quarter Report

                Ray Tourville began discussion by providing an overview of the figures presented.  He highlighted the Profile of Revenues, and since there are new
                members at today’s meeting, explained the information as shown.  Ray then talked about how the budgeting process works generally and that this
                quarterly report will be acted on at the next meeting.   He then opened the floor to questions.

                Harry Wright said that in the business world, Athletics’ budgeting process would be seen as deficit financing and asked if this is allowable.  Ray said
                Athletics has been operating that way for quite some time.  The figures presented are only half the total budget picture.  Recommendations regarding
                budget issues have been made to both President Peters and Eddie Williams but no response has yet been forthcoming. For benefit of the new
                members, Ray explained that two other factors combined resulting in a deficit of up to $750,000.  The unforeseen increase in room and board
                ($250,000) and the decrease in tuition waivers due to an overawarding by the University.  Paul Bauer added that the questions Harry has asked about
                the budget come up every time someone new joins the Board.   He went on to say that another factor, which affected the budget, was when the
                general revenue monies were cut from our budget. Relative to the carryover deficit, Harry pointed out that it must be funded by somewhere in the
                University.  He then asked what power this Board has to make changes in this process.  Earl Hansen responded that he has been a member of the
                Board since 1982 and the Board has absolutely no power.  We are an advisory committee and nothing more.  The Board’s role is to make sure the
                department stays in business.  The budget has always been an issue.

                Ray Dembinski then said if you were to go back and review a quarterly report from six or seven years ago, he believes the dollar amounts shown
                probably wouldn’t vary by more than $500,000.  He went on to explain that other parts of the budget the Board does not review are the guarantee
                account and personnel.  Guarantee money comes from away football games and the NCAA basketball money which the Board had once decided not
                to use to fund the base operation of Athletics but to address, in some way, the deficit situation and also for future growth.  Except perhaps for one
                year, those funds have not been used for future growth.  Though the Board has tried, at times, to be more proactive and even suggesting that when
                fees are increased, the budgets in Athletics should be increased to match.  That recommendation has not been accepted.

                Ray Tourville then reiterated that this quarterly report will be voted on at the next Board meeting.

        B.     FY03 First Quarterly Report

                Ray Tourville again began discussion of the first quarter report by providing an overview of the figures presented.

                Ray pointed out that none of the outdoor sports (baseball, softball or soccer) will be charging admission.  Sheila Berg added that last year, because of
                the weather and some other issues, it was decided not to charge admission for baseball and softball.  Admission is charged for wrestling, gymnastics,
                and volleyball, though.

                Sheila added that the Board also does not see Foundation account information either.   “Full disclosure” has been recommended but no firm decision
                has ever been made.  Ray Tourville then pointed out that this report will also be voted on at the next Board meeting.

        C.     Committee Meetings

                Ray Tourville then reviewed the list of subcommittee members as provided to Janaan by Gip and stated that the Board will be splitting out into
                committee meetings this afternoon.   A final and confirmed list of committee members was requested and Janaan agreed that she would provide this as
                soon as possible.

        D.     Scheduling Updates

                Ray Tourville said none were brought forward to be presented today.

        E.     Miscellaneous

                1.     Football

                        Robert Collins said in relation to the upcoming football game on Saturday, Athletics is  working very hard to make this a safe and positive game
                        environment.  The theme for Saturday is “Win With Class – Stay in the Stands.”  We want to put NIU in a positive light and the help of students,
                        professors, and staff members is needed.  Athletics wants to win with class on Saturday and make sure everyone stays in the stands.  If the team
                        does win Saturday, we want to have a trophy presentation and keep everyone in the stands.  The cheerleaders will have signs with the theme
                        they will be holding up in front of the stands, too.  There should be an article in the Northern Star either Thursday or Friday about winning with
                        class.  We need to change the way we celebrate at football games and sporting events.

                2.     Scheduling committee

                        In response to a question raised about whether or not there is actually a scheduling committee, Ray Dembinski stated that there is a policy in the
                        Board’s Policies and Procedures manual regarding athletics competition during finals week.  If football wins and participates in a bowl game,
                        Board members may be asked why our athletes are competing during finals week.  Ray said policy states “no home or away contests may
                        scheduled beginning two (2) days prior to the onset of finals week and ending with the last day of scheduled finals unless it is a competition due
                        to or resulting from conference affiliation, NCAA tournament, ….”  Because the conference football championship is scheduled for Saturday,
                        December 7, and finals begin on Monday, December 9, it is allowable for them to play.

                        Ray also brought up the point that it is possible some professors will administer finals early, though they are not supposed to do so.  It is also
                        possible that football will be leaving for the MAC championship on Thursday, December 5 so this would put them at a disadvantage.  Paul Bauer
                        pointed out that the interpretation is that you can administer an early final but you must meet during the regularly scheduled class time.

V.     Adjournment

        Having no further discussion Earl Hansen made a motion to adjourn the meeting to subcommittees.  Paul Bauer seconded the motion.  Carried unanimously

The next meeting of the Athletic Board will be designated for committee work on Wednesday, December 4, 2002, at 1:00 p.m.  The full Board will meet on Wednesday, January 15, 2003, at 1:00 p.m.  The room location has not yet been determined.  The Executive Committee will meet on Wednesday, November 27, if necessary, and also on Wednesday, January 8, 2003, at 1:00 pm in the administrative conference room in Convocation Center #200.