Presented 4 16 03
          Approved 4 16 03

Athletic Board
Wednesday, March 19, 2003
Holmes Student Center Room #406, 1:00 p.m.

Present:  Gip Seaver, Nestor Osorio, Harry Wright, Ray Dembinski, Cary Groth, Nancy Nuzzo, Marcia Dick, Ray Tourville, Joe True

I.     Call to Order – Gip Seaver

II.     Approval of February 19, 2003 Meeting Minutes

Ray Dembinski made a motion to approve the February 19, 2003, meeting minutes.  Ray Tourville seconded the motion.

Having no additions or corrections, the motion was carried.

III.     Committee Reports

        A.     Budget

                No report.  Will be addressed under Old Business.

        B.     Student Welfare

                Cary Groth stated at this time, data from the surveys are not yet available but are in the process of being analyzed.  Paul Bauer will be calling a meeting of the Student Welfare subcommittee in the near future.

        C.     Gender Equity

                No report.

        D.     Faculty Athletics Representative

                No report.

        E.     Huskie Club

                Cary Groth reported that the first set of drawings from the architect for the Student-Athlete Development Center have been reviewed.  This is the building that Athletics would like to have built in the north endzone at the Stadium.  Currently, costs for the project are being developed.  Three donors have been visited with already and Athletics has secured gifts totalling $500,000 to go toward the project.

Gip Seaver asked what the dollar amount for the facility would be.  Cary said between $5 million and $5.5 million, without FF&E (furniture, fixtures and equipment).  There will be additional costs for parking and infrastructure needs.  The addition of elevators, stairways, closets, etc., are also necessary which adds approximately $2 million to the cost.  The facility would have a brick façade on the north side and glass and composite on the south.   Materials used on the exterior should match those on the Stadium.  Another meeting will be held next week with the architects on proposed changes.

Ray Dembinski asked if there will be a snowball effect with the donations.  Cary has contacted another donor to request a meeting in two weeks.  The goal is to have approximately 75% of the funds needed by August.  If that happens, President Peters and Dr. Williams have said Athletics will be able to move ahead.  Tim Stedman, Athletics’ major gift officer, is terrific and is doing a very good job for Athletics.  Our teams’ successes have certainly helped when asking for gifts, as have Barsema Hall and the Convocation Center.

        F.     Scheduling

                No report.  Will be addressed under New Business.

IV.     Old Business

        A.     Title IX Commission report

                Cary reported that the meetings of the Secretary’s Commission on Opportunities in Athletics have concluded.  There are still some conversations taking place regarding the Commission’s report, however.  Of the 23 recommendations the Commission moved forward, 15 passed by consensus.  Other recommendations passed but not unanimously.  Secretary Paige only accepted recommendations receiving unanimous Commission support.

A minority report was developed by two of the commissioners, Julie Foudy and Donna de Verona, but Secretary Paige did not accept their report.  The minority report received more publicity than the Commission’s whole report.  The process seemed to be problematic and the report was really staff driven.  Cary was concerned when she read that the report was approved 13 – 2.  There was never an official vote taken on the report because the Commission had never seen a copy of the final official report.  One US Senator has requested an internal review of the process which was undertaken.  There is a movement now by the WNBA and some of the women’s coaches and others, to encourage Secretary Paige not to accept any recommendations that would turn back the clock on opportunities for women.  Speaker Hastert has a movement underway to get President Bush to accept all 23 recommendations.  Cary has been contacted for her comments on the Hastert proposal but has declined thus far.  She hopes good things will come out of all the work that was done.  This is not a controversial issue but made people aware of the challenges that athletics faces with increased spending and budgets.  Cary hopes positive actions come out of this work.  She has been asked to continue to participate in implementing some of the suggestions.

Nolan Davis asked who Cary is referring to when she says “staff driven.”  She is referring to the Department of Education staff.

It is Cary’s hope that the process would result in better education and more enforcement of Title IX.   There are no good processes when educating institutions about Title IX.  In the 30 years Title IX has been in effect, there has never been a penalty handed down.  Perhaps a penalty or incentive system should be devised.   A reporting system is in place for all institutions of higher education which requires them to provide equity in athletics information which is a financial and participation report on the respective programs.  Once the report is available, the media immediately looks at participation numbers.  The Chronicle of Higher Education and USA Today do a report on which institutions do not meet Title IX, based on that information.

A proposal which did not meet consensus was how to count participants.  A suggestion was made to use “slots” in sports.  For example, if you have 30 slots for men’s soccer and 30 slots for women’s soccer and 75 men come out for the team and the coach kept them all but only 15 women tried out for the team, you would still report only 30 participants.

Cary said she would be happy to share a copy of the Commission’s final report when the materials go out for the April Board meeting.    She added that one unanimous recommendation made was that nothing shall move Title IX backward, only move it forward.

Gip then said because not all Board members were here today, he would like to move IV.B and IV.C to the April meeting

V.     New Business

        A.     Football 2003 schedule

                Nestor Osorio made a motion to approve the 2003 football schedule.  Ray Dembinski seconded the motion.

Cary pointed out that discussion had been held about the possibility of moving the Maryland game to Friday night.  However, both the ACC and SEC do not allow college football games to be played on Friday nights.

Having no further discussion, the motion was carried.

        B.     Spring Cleaning Items
                1.     March 20, 2002 meeting minutes
                        Gip said he would like to move this to next month’s agenda because so few Board members are in attendance today.

                2.     2002-03 sports schedules
                        Again, Gip would like to move this item to next month’s agenda because so few Board members are in attendance today.

        C.     Fee update

                Cary said the proposal made was the same as last year.  Addressing the carryover deficit of $250,000 which resulted from the increase in board when the meal plans changed.  Athletics received a 4.9% fee increase (55 cents) and of that, 3.0% goes directly to the increased costs of grants-in-aid and the remaining 1.9% goes toward the $250,000 deficit.  The $250,000 deficit is annual and has not been addressed for the last two years so Athletics is actually looking at $750,000 in deficit.  The change in the meal plan was approved in a year when the fee did not increase but the cost for the meals did.  Athletics’ meal plan is mandated by NCAA rules.  Dr. Williams has been great in addressing this with Athletics.

Ray Tourville asked if there has been a decision on the redistribution of the swimming dollars yet.  Cary said no action has yet been taken but there should be in April.

Harry Wright said Athletics has a very good opportunity to capitalize on the success of its sports teams.  They need to provide public service through the department and bring up the infrastructure.  Media guides need to get out earlier, tickets need to be in people’s hands when they need them.  We have the opportunity to show
we are a worthy cause.  Teams are now drawing attention.  Harry went on to ask how the Board can help.  Cary said Athletics is operating with a ticketing system that has been obsolete since 1995.  As of March 1, 2003, Paciolan is no longer services the system.  Athletics needs a new ticketing system and they run from $150,000 to $350,000.  It is Cary’s recommendation to purchase a new system out of football gate receipts
over the last two years.  When Athletics was in Evans Field House, there were three full-time people in the ticket office; in the Convocation Center, two of those positions went to the Convocation Center staff.  That left Athletics with one full-time staff person in a year when ticket sales increased 54%, the ticketing system is extremely antiquated, and the ticket manager did not ask for help in a timely way.  Athletics will also be adding a $1 per ticket surcharge to help pay for the ticketing system.

As for the media guide this year, the photo of the Convocation Center held everything up.  Cary said Athletics is currently undergoing a ticket audit and it will probably be the worst one ever.  When Athletics moved to the Convocation Center, it was two weeks before the first football game which put the Ticket Office behind from the beginning but it will be corrected.

VI.     Adjournment

        Ray Dembinski made a motion to adjourn.  Harry Wright seconded the motion.  Motion carried unanimously.

The next meeting of the Athletic Board will be on Wednesday, April 16, 2003, at 1:00 p.m. in Holmes Student Center Illinois Room.  The executive committee will meet on Wednesday, April 2, 2003, at 1:00 p.m. in the administration conference room at the Convocation Center.