(Bylaws, Article 14.67)

Membership of  CUAE

A.     The Committee on the Undergraduate Academic Environment shall consist of the following members:

One faculty representative from the Undergraduate Coordinating Council (UCC) chosen by the faculty of the Undergraduate Coordinating Council;

One faculty representative shall be appointed by the curriculum committee of each undergraduate degree-granting college and one faculty representative shall be appointed from the University Libraries;

Four undergraduate  student members, at least one to be a nontraditional student, shall be selected by CUAE from nominees submitted by the student advisory committees of the undergraduate degree-granting colleges; one student to be nominated for membership on the UCC;

A student representative of the Student Association appointed by the president of the Student Association;

A student representative from the Campus Activities Board appointed by the chair of that board.

The following shall be ex officio, nonvoting members of the committee: vice provost responsible for undergraduate education; vice president for Student Affairs; representative from Student Housing Services, appointed by the director; a representative from University Programming and Activities, appointed by the director.

The chair shall be elected by the voting members of the Committee on the Undergraduate Academic Environment and shall serve a one-year renewable term beginning in the fall semester.

Faculty members shall serve three-year staggered terms, renewable, beginning in fall semester.

Student members shall serve one-year, renewable, terms beginning in fall semester.

B.     Duties

The Committee on the Undergraduate Academic Environment shall have the responsibility to:

  1. Promote a campus atmosphere which will be maximally conducive to learning and to stimulation of an appreciation for learning and for the arts, the humanities, the sciences, and the professions;

  2. Monitor and evaluate the campus environment from the perspective of its compatibility with and support for the learning process and the development of an appreciation for learning and to recommend policies and programs to strengthen that environment;

  3. Evaluate the interface between the curricular and extra-curricular aspects of campus life, and to recommend policies and programs to strengthen that interface;

  4. Evaluate the impact of campus housing policies and facilities upon the learning environment, and, when necessary, to recommend policies and programs designed to make that impact more constructive to the learning environment;

  5. Analyze the adequacy of the campus support facilities for the learning environment, and to make recommendations for their improvement;

  6. Undertake such specific studies and analyses of the campus learning environment as may be prescribed for it by the UCC.
UCC Faculty C.T. Lin  Jeanne Isabel    
Business Sally Webber Paula Brown    
Education Debra Pender Debra Pender    
Engineering & Engineering Technology Dennis Cesarotti Dennis Cesarotti    
Health and Human Sciences   Mary Koren   Mary Koren Mary Koren
Liberal Arts & Sciences *Melissa Lenczewski Melissa Lenczewski Melissa Lenczewski  
Visual and Performing Arts Tom Bough Tom Bough Tom Bough  
University Libraries Lee Ann VandeCreek Wendall Johnson   Wendall Johnson Wendall Johnson
SA Representative  Elaine Phillips      
CAB, Student Representative         
+ Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education  Earl Seaver  Earl Seaver    
+Vice President for Student Affairs  Brian Hemphill Brian Hemphill     
+ Student Housing Services  Kelly Wesener Michael Stang     
+ University Programming & Activities  Michelle Bringas Angela Dreessen     
Students (4)    Kelly Lyell (LAS)     
                 * Chair
                 + Ex officio nonvoting