(Constitution, Article 1)

Membership of the University Council


  1. The University Council consists of 31 tenured full-time, regular university faculty members, including department chairs, one representative from the faculty of the University Libraries elected by that faculty, the president of the Operating Staff Council and one other voting member, the president of the Supportive Professional Staff Council and one other voting member, the president of the Student Association, and 14 student members. The student members shall be chosen in the following manner: one student representative and that representative's alternate shall be chosen by the student advisory committee of each degree-granting college and seven student representatives and their alternates shall be appointed by September 10 by the Student Association president with the advice and consent of the Student Association Senate.

    Among the ex officio members are 11 voting members, including the president, the executive vice president and provost, and the dean of each of the degree-granting colleges, University Library and the Graduate School. There will be four ex-officio non-voting members:  the associate provost for Student Affairs and three additional members of the university administration to be designated by the president.

    The faculty representatives shall be elected by the faculty members of the colleges and the University Libraries, excluding the president's staff and the provost's staff, members of the Council of Deans, associate deans, assistant deans, assistants to deans, and members of the Supportive Professional Staff, with a minimum of one representative from any one college. The distribution of the remaining members shall reflect the ratio between the number of regular full-time faculty members in each college, excluding the Supportive Professional Staff, to the total number of such faculty members in all colleges, this being the number reported by the executive vice president and provost on January 1 of each year. This ratio shall be reviewed by the Elections Committee of the University Council every third year prior to the election in those years which are multiples of three, and the distribution of membership adjusted if need be.

  2. The University Council, in accordance with Board of Trustees' Governance Documents, has the power:

    1. To establish the educational and academic policies of the university;

    2. To be concerned with and to participate actively in decisions made on other matters that may directly affect educational policies for which the University Council is primarily responsible;

    3. To act upon reports from designated committees, boards, commissions, or councils  whose actions affect the educational and academic policies of the university;

    4. To advise on policies regarding academic salaries, sabbatical leaves, tenure, and  promotion as follows: establish a personnel committee which will review and approve, in accordance with the bylaws of the university, policy recommendations concerning salary and all recommendations pertaining to tenure, promotion in rank, and sabbatical leaves, and report such recommendations to the University Council.

    5. To establish such standing and temporary committees as may be necessary for the  discharge of its responsibilities; to define the membership, jurisdiction, and authority of such committees; to resolve disputes among committees thus established; and to act on the reports submitted by such committees.

    6. To advise the president, and the vice presidents, on policies affecting the quality of student life on campus.

For details please see Constitution and Bylaws of Northern Illinois University.

Meets one Wednesday of each month from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.

†President & Chair John G. Peters
†Executive Vice President & Provost Ryamond Alden, III
Dean, College of Business Denise Schoenbachler
Dean, College of Education Lemuel Watson
Dean, College of Engineering and Enginnering Technology Promod Vohra
Dean, College of Health and Human Sciences Shirley Richmond
Dean, College of Law Malcolm Morris
Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Christopher McCord
Dean, College of Visual and Performing Arts Richard Holly
Vice President of Research and Dean of the Graduate School Bradley Bond
Dean, University Library Patrick Dawson
×Vice President for Student Affairs Brian Hemphill
Ex officio, nonvoting members 
(appointed by the president)
         ×Vice President Administration Anne Kaplan
         ×Vice Provost Earl Seaver
         ×Executive Vice President and Chief of Operations Eddie Williams

Business  Rick Ridnour Rick Ridnour  Rick Ridnour  
Business David Wade  David Wade    
Business Diane Docking Terry Bishop  Terry Bishop Terry Bishop
Education Rebecca Butler  Rebecca Butler Rebecca Butler  Rebecca Butler
Education M. Cecil Smith  M. Cecil Smith M. Cecil Smith  M. Cecil Smith
Education Laurie Elish-Piper Clersida Garcia/Laurie Elish-Piper    
Education Jean Pierce Janet Holt    
Education Toni Tollerud Toni Tollerud  Toni Tollerud  
Engineering & Eng. Tech. Clifford Mirman  Clifford Mirman Clifford Mirman  
Engineering & Eng. Tech. Shin-Min Simon Song Abjijit Gupta  Abjijit Gupta  Abjijit Gupta
Health and Human Sciences Brigid Lusk  Brigid Lusk Brigid Lusk  Brigid Lusk
Health and Human Sciences Linda Derscheid Linda Derscheid    
Health and Human Sciences Nancy Nuzzo  Nancy Nuzzo Nancy Nuzzo  Nancy Nuzzo
Law  Dan Schneider Dan Schneider  Dan Schneider  
Liberal Arts & Sciences Joseph "Buck" Stephen Joseph "Buck" Stephen    
Liberal Arts & Sciences  Jeffrey Chown #Rosemary Feurer  Jeffrey Chown  
Liberal Arts & Sciences Lynn Kamenitsa Patricia Henry  Patricia Henry   Patricia Henry 
Liberal Arts & Sciences  Barbara Burrell  Barbara Burrell   Barbara Burrell  
Liberal Arts & Sciences  William Baker William Baker  William Baker  
Liberal Arts & Sciences  Linda Sons Linda Sons  Linda Sons  
Liberal Arts & Sciences Eric Mogren Eric Mogren    
Liberal Arts & Sciences Amy Newman  Amy Newman Amy Newman  Amy Newman
Liberal Arts & Sciences Jay Stravers Alan Rosenbaum  Alan Rosenbaum  Alan Rosenbaum
Liberal Arts & Sciences *Paul Stoddard Paul Stoddard     
Liberal Arts & Sciences Richard Greene Richard Greene    
Liberal Arts & Sciences William Tolhurst  Kendall Thu Kendall Thu  Kendall Thu
Liberal Arts & Sciences  Carol Thompson #Giavanni Bennardo  Carol Thompson  
University Libraries Jim Millhorn Jana Brubaker  Jana Brubaker   Jana Brubaker 
Visual & Performing Arts Debra Grall Kerry Freedman  Kerry Freedman  Kerry Freedman
Visual & Performing Arts Lee Sido  Lee Sido    
Visual & Performing Arts Douglas Boughton  Douglas Boughton   Douglas Boughton   
Visual & Performing Arts Jeff Kowalski Barbara Jaffee  Barbara Jaffee  Barbara Jaffee
xParliamentarian  Ferald Bryan   Ferald Bryan    
Supportive Professional Staff Bobbie Cesarek   Bobbie Cesarek     
Supportive Professional Staff Elizabeth Leake  Deborah Haliczer     
Operating Staff Jay Monteiro   Jay Monteiro     
Operating Staff Sara Clayton   Sara Clayton    
xAssistant Chair, APC Aimee Prawitz   Aimee Prawitz    
xAssistant Chair, GC David Changnon   Doris Macdonald    
xAssistant Chair, UCC Cason Snow   Authur Doerderlein    
xFAC to IBHE Earl Hansen   Earl Hansen    
xUniversity Advisory Comm. *Paul Stoddard   *Paul Stoddard     
xUniversity Advisory Comm. Nancy Castle  Clersida Garcia    
xUniversity Advisory Comm. Ferald Bryan  Ferald Bryan Ferald Bryan Ferald Bryan
xUniversity Advisory Comm. Joseph "Buck" Stephen  Joseph "Buck" Stephen  Joseph "Buck" Stephen   
xUniversity Advisory Comm. Bobbie Cesarek  Bobbie Cesarek    
xUniversity Advisory Comm. Jay Monteiro Jay Monteiro    
Student Association President Jarvis Purnell Brent Keller    
Student Association  Sarah Roman Fuad Raji    
Student Association Robert Batey Robert Sorsby    
Student Association  Paul Bradley Michal Hankla    
Student Association  Samuel Davis Matthew Venaas    
Student Association Matthew Venaas   Tyler Saenz     
Student Association Carol Orrego   Erik Calmeyer     
Student Association Meagan Szydlowski   Lauren Mock    
SAC BUS        
SAC ED        
SAC EET Mirjana Polovina        
SAC HHS        
SAC LAS   Phoebe Blaustein     
SAC LAW    Eric Johnson    
SAC VPA        
Graduate Student Eric Johnson  Keegan David    
xFaculty Senate Vice President Kendall Thu  Cason Snow    
xFaculty Senate Secretary Nancy Castle Mari Valle     

#R. Feurer serves for J. Chown; G. Bennardo serves for C. Thompson

Parliamentarian to the University Council (Bylaws, Article 3.13)  Ferald Bryan
Faculty Personnel Advisor (Bylaws, Article 9)   Alan Rosenbaum
Representative: Faculty Advisory Committee to the Board of Higher Education (four-year term) (Bylaws, Article 15.5) Earl Hansen

Representatives: State Universities Retirement System (SURS) James Lockard and Judy Burgess