(Bylaws, Article 16.1)

Membership of Athletic board

  1. The Athletic Board is directly responsible to the president of the university. It shall consist of a faculty chair appointed by the president, a president's representative who shall carry an academic appointment, and the following members who, with the exception of faculty members, shall be appointed by the president from at least two nominees for each position to be filled, such nominees to be submitted to the president as indicated:

    One faculty member from the College of Law and the University Libraries to be selected by the faculty of that college and one faculty member from each of the other degree-granting colleges selected by that respective college council;

    Two students nominated by the Student Association with two colleges represented;

    One male and one female student athlete nominated respectively by the male and female student athletic groups in elections conducted during the spring semester by the Student Association election commissioner;

    One member of the Alumni Association from those nominated by the Alumni Association;

    One member of the operating staff from those nominated by the Operating Staff Council;

    One member of the supportive professional staff from nominees by the Supportive Professional Staff Council;

    One nonvoting member from the Huskie Club from those nominated by the Huskie Athletics Scholarship Fund.

    In addition, the faculty representative to the National Collegiate Athletic Association, the director of athletics, and the University General Counsel shall be ex officio, nonvoting members.

    With the exception of student representatives, members shall serve three-year staggered terms. Student members shall be nominated and appointed annually. All members shall be eligible for reappointment.

    Vitae outlining qualifications for and interest in serving on the board will accompany all nominations submitted to the president. In making the appointments, the president shall assure equitable representation of qualified men and women on the board.

  2. The duties of the Athletic Board shall include the following:
    1. The board shall assume responsibility for directing the policies through which intercollegiate athletics, both men's and women's programs, shall function as a university activity.
    2. The board shall assure equity between men's and women's intercollegiate athletic programs.
    3. The board and the athletic director shall assume the following responsibilities relative to the preparation and submission of budgets for the operation of the programs:
      1. The athletic director shall prepare budgets of finances needed to operate the programs; the budgets shall include intercollegiate sports with recommendations concerning amounts to be assigned to various sports, administrative, and support activities. The budgets shall be submitted in writing to the Athletic Board. Copies of the complete budgets shall go to all coaches prior to submission to the Athletic Board.
      2. The coaches of the various sports shall appear before the Athletic Board, at the request of the board or at their own request, to explain budget items before the budgets are approved by the board and submitted to the president and the president's staff. Any major changes in the budgets shall be approved by the Athletic Board.
      3. The athletic director shall submit to the Athletic Board an accounting of all funds received and expended.
    4. The board shall approve all intercollegiate schedules.
    5. The board shall approve all intercollegiate games and meets not on the regular schedule.
    1. The board shall approve all awards, the type of awards, and the cost of awards; it shall assume responsibility in matters relating to eligibility, travel, medical responsibility, public relations, ticket sales, seating accommodations, and other items dealing with intercollegiate athletic programs.
    2. Minutes shall be kept of all board meetings.
    3. The board shall distribute minutes and reports to University Council members. Substantive changes in policy shall be submitted to the University Council for approval. Approved minutes shall be deposited in the University Archives.


Faculty Chair *Terry Bishop *Terry Bishop    
Presidential Appointment Brian Hemphill   Brian Hemphill     
Business Tim Aurand   Tim Aurand    
Education Paul Carpenter Beth Wilkins Beth Wilkens Beth Wilkins
Engineering & Eng. Tech Earl Hansen Earl Hansen Earl Hansen Earl Hansen
Health and Human Sciences  Josephine Umoren Josephine Umoren    
Law #Malcolm Morris   Malcolm Morris    
Liberal Arts & Sciences Chuck Miller Matthew Streb Matthew Streb Matthew
University Libraries  T. J. Lusher T. J. Lusher T. J. Lusher  T. J. Lusher
Visual & Performing Arts Paul Bauer  Paul Bauer Paul Bauer  
Student Athlete (male)        
Student Athlete (female)        
Alumni Association Paul Janik Paul Janik     
^ Huskie Athletics Scholarship Fund   Steve Sliga    
Operating Staff Marcia Dick  Marcia Dick  Marcia Dick  
Supportive Professional Staff Ronald Short  Alberta Solfisburg Alberta Solfisburg  
+ Director of Athletics Jim Phillips   Jim Phillips    
+ Faculty Representative to NCAA Janet Rintala   Janet Rintala     
+ University General Counsel or designee Ken Davidson   Ken Davidson     
+ Minority Representative if needed        
SA Students (2) 

Oliver Vazquez Craig Marcus 

Aaron Langguth
Brent Delgado
                 * Chair
                 + Ex officio, nonvoting
                  ^ Nonvoting
                  #M. Morris serves for J. Walton