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Membership of Parking Appeals Committee

  1. The Parking Appeals Committee is directly responsible to the executive vice president for Finance and Facilities. It is closely associated with the Campus Parking Committee. The committee shall consist of the following members:

    Three faculty representatives appointed by the president upon the recommendation of the college councils, the Library Council, and the faculty of the College of Law from the faculty-at-large for a three-year staggered term;

    Three operating staff representatives appointed by the Operating Staff Council;

    Three supportive professional staff members appointed by the Supportive Professional Staff Council;

    Ten students appointed by the Student Association. These appointments are to include students who commute to campus and graduate students;

    One voting member from the Campus Parking Committee.

    Every possible effort will be made to diversify the members of the committee in terms of gender and ethnic makeup. Members of the committee may serve no more than two consecutive terms.

    A subgroup of the committee will be identified to hear appeals on any given date. Two representatives from each of the constituencies (faculty, operating staff, supportive professional staff, and students) are assigned for each specific date on which appeals are heard. A quorum of at least five members is required in order to hear appeals.

    The chair shall be selected from the membership. The Campus Parking Services manager, or the manager's designee, shall serve in an advisory capacity as a nonvoting member of the committee.

  2. In accordance with appeals procedures as contained in the University Motor Vehicle and Parking Regulations, the duties of the committee shall be:

    1. To review and to adjudicate all appeals for traffic violations as may be presented in writing or in person;

    2. To review requests for parking privileges from students who are not eligible for campus parking privileges under existing regulations.

Faculty (3)  Byron Anderson Byron Anderson Byron Anderson  
   Virginia Naples Virginia Naples Virginia Naples  
   Brian Coller Brian Coller Brian Coller  
Operating Staff (3)  Joe Koch Joe Koch Joe Koch  
  *Gay Campbell Gay Campbell Gay Campbell Gay Campbell
  Lisa Reynolds  Lisa Reynolds     
Supportive Professional Staff (3) *Donna Askins  Sabrina Hammond    
  *Don Branlett   Don Bramlett Don Bramlett  
   Donna Prain Donna Prain Donna Prain  
Students Oliver Vazquez
Aaron Langguth
Aaron Langguth
Sheldena Bell
Wey-ni' Langdon
Candace Porter
Chinelle Beerage
Sheena Gardner
Barbara Simmons
Michael Johns 
#Campus Parking Services, Manager  Laura Lundelius  Laura Lundelius    
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