Faculty Senate

(Bylaws, Article 13)

 Membership of Faculty Senate


  1. The Faculty Senate consists of the 32 elected faculty members of the University Council; one member elected by and from each academic department or school in the degree-granting colleges of the university, with two elected from each academic department or school of over 50 faculty members; and one member each from the College of Law and the University Libraries.

    Among the ex officio nonvoting members is any faculty member of the University Advisory Committee (UAC) to the Board of Trustees and of the Faculty Advisory Committee to the Illinois Board of Higher Education who is not a voting member of the senate, the faculty serving as assistant chairs of the Academic Planning Council (APC), the Graduate Council (GC), and the Undergraduate Coordinating Council (UCC) if they are not otherwise voting members of the senate, and the supportive professional staff member of the University Council.

    The faculty members of the University Council shall be elected by the faculty members of the colleges, excluding the president's staff and the provost's staff, members of the Council of Deans, associate deans, assistant deans, assistants to deans and members of the supportive professional staff. The remaining faculty members shall be elected directly by each of the academic departments or schools in the degree-granting colleges of the university, the College of Law, and the University Libraries.

  2. The Faculty Senate shall serve as the official voice of the university faculty of Northern Illinois University and as the authoritative representative liaison body between the faculty and the University Council, the president of the university, the executive vice president and provost, other vice presidents with respect to their responsibilities affecting the faculty, and the Board of Trustees.

    In accordance with the Preamble and Article 7.3 of the university Constitution and the stated commitment to university governance as a shared process, the Faculty Senate shall serve the following purposes:

    1.    To promote the representation of the faculty in the governance of the university;

For details see Constitution and Bylaws of Northern Illinois University.

Meets one Wednesday of each month from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.


Business Rick Ridnour Rick Ridnour Rick Ridnour   
Business Sally Webber Sally Webber  
Business David Wade Diane Docking Diane Docking Diane Docking
Education Corenna Cummings Rebecca Butler Rebecca Butler Rebecca Butler
Education Carole Minor M. Cecil Smith M. Cecil Smith M. Cecil Smith
Education Richard Orem Richard Orem    
Education ^Jean Pierce Amy Rose    
Education Toni Tollerud Toni Tollerud Toni Tollerud   
Engineering & Engineering Technology Xueshu Song Xueshu Song Xueshu Song   
Engineering & Engineering Technology Shin-Min Song Shin-Min Song Shin-Min Song Shin-Min Song
Health and Human Sciences Brigid Lusk Brigid Lusk Brigid Lusk Brigid Lusk
Health and Human Sciences Ken Burns ^Nancy Castle    
Health and Human Sciences Jody Newman-Ryan Jody Newman-Ryan Jody Newman-Ryan   
Law John Walton John Walton John Walton   
Liberal Arts & Sciences Colin Booth Colin Booth    
Liberal Arts & Sciences Michael Kolb Michael Kolb Michael Kolb   
Liberal Arts & Sciences Lynn Kamenitsa Lynn Kamenitsa Lynn Kamenitsa Lynn Kamenitsa
Liberal Arts & Sciences John Wolfskill John Wolfskill John Wolfskill   
Liberal Arts & Sciences William Baker William Baker William Baker   
Liberal Arts & Sciences Janice Hamlet Janice Hamlet Janice Hamlet   
Liberal Arts & Sciences Patricia Henry Patricia Henry    
Liberal Arts & Sciences ^Gretchen Bisplinghoff Amy Newman Amy Newman Amy Newman
Liberal Arts & Sciences Fahui Wang Jay Stravers Jay Stravers Jay Stravers
Liberal Arts & Sciences *Paul Stoddard Paul Stoddard    
Liberal Arts & Sciences David Gorman David Gorman    
Liberal Arts & Sciences William Tolhurst William Tolhurst William Tolhurst William Tolhurst
University Libraries Jitka Hurych Byron Anderson Byron Anderson Byron Anderson
Visual & Performing Arts William Goldenberg Jeff Kowalski Jeff Kowalski Jeff Kowalski
Visual & Performing Arts Larry Gregory Larry Gregory    
Visual & Performing Arts Kent Gallagher Kent Gallagher Kent Gallagher   
Visual & Performing Arts Deborah Smith-Shank Debra Grall Debra Grall Debra Grall
Parliamentarian Ferald Bryan Ferald Bryan  
Supportive Professional Staff Shey Lowman Shey Lowman  
Assistant Chair, APC Payvar Parviz Denise Schoenbachler  
Assistant Chair, GC Diana Swanson Yale Factor  
Assistant Chair, UCC Art Doederlein Art Doederlein  
FAC to IBHE Patricia Henry    
University Advisory Committee *Paul Stoddard Paul Stoddard  
University Advisory Committee Xueshu Song Xueshu Song    
University Advisory Committee Ferald Bryan Ferald Bryan Ferald Bryan Ferald Bryan
University Advisory Committee Joseph "Buck" Stephen Joseph "Buck" Stephen Joseph "Buck" Stephen   
University Advisory Committee Shey Lowman Shey Lowman  
University Advisory Committee Donna Smith Rachel Turner  


Accountancy Pam Smith Natalie Churyk Natalie Churyk Natalie Churyk
Finance James Johnson James Johnson    
Management Jon Briscoe David Wade David Wade David Wade
Marketing Geoffrey Gordon Geoffrey Gordon    
OMIS Jack Marchewka Jack Marchewka Jack Marchewka  
Kinesiology & Physical Education Pamela MacFarlane Pamela MacFarlane Pamela MacFarlane  
Counseling, Adult & Health Education Scott Wickman Laurel Jeris Laurel Jeris Laurel Jeris
Literacy Education Susan L'Allier Alfred Tatum Alfred Tatum Alfred Tatum
Teaching and Learning
Dennis Munk
Joyce Lieberman Joyce Lieberman Joyce Lieberman
Educational Technology, Research & Assessment Janet Holt Janet Holt Janet Holt  
Leadership Educational Psychological & Foundations Jean Pierce Jean Pierce    
Electrical Engineering Donald Zinger Reza Hashemian Reza Hashemian Reza Hashemian
Industrial Engineering Omar Ghrayeb Reinaldo Moraga Reinaldo Moraga Reinaldo Moraga
Mechanical Engineering Brian Coller Brian Coller Brian Coller  
Technology Radha Balamuralikrishna #Radha Balamuralikrishna Radha Balamuralikrishna  
Allied Health Professions Ngoyi Bukonda M.J. Blaschak    
Communicative Disorders Nancy Castle Nancy Castle    
Family, Consumer and Nutrition Sciences Elizabeth Miller ^Elizabeth Miller Elizabeth Miller Elizabeth Miller
Nursing Brigid Lusk Judith Hertz Judith Hertz  
LAW Elvia Arriola Elvia Arriola Elvia Arriola  
Anthropology Kendall Thu (fall) Dan Gebo (spring) Kendall Thu Kendall Thu Kendall Thu
Biological Sciences Rangaswamy Meganathan Christopher Hubbard Christopher Hubbard Christopher Hubbard
Chemistry C. T. Lin C. T. Lin    
Communication Gretchen Bisplinghoff Gretchen Bisplinghoff Gretchen Bisplinghoff Gretchen Bisplinghoff
Computer Science Robert Zerwekh Nicholas Karonis Nicholas Karonis Nicholas Karonis
Economics Stephen Nord Stephen Nord    
English John V. Knapp John V. Knapp    
Foreign Languages & Literatures Frances Jaeger Michael Morris Michael Morris Michael Morris
Geography Richard Greene Richard Greene    
Geology Paul Loubere Reed Scherer Reed Scherer Reed Scherer
History Anne Hanley Anne Hanley Anne Hanley Anne Hanley
Math Sciences Joseph "Buck" Stephen **Joseph "Buck" Stephen    
Philosophy ^Sharon Sytsma Michael Bishop Michael Bishop Michael Bishop
Physics Augden Windelborn Stephen Martin Stephen Martin Stephen Martin
Political Science Eliot Kang      
Psychology Alan Rosenbaum Alan Rosenbaum Alan Rosenbaum  
Sociology Fred Markowitz Fred Markowitz Fred Markowitz Fred Markowitz
UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES David Lonergan David Lonergan    
Art Katherine Kahn Katherine Kahn Katherine Kahn  
Music Greg Barrett Greg Barrett Greg Barrett  
Theatre Arts Deborah Robertson Christopher Markle Christopher Markle Christopher Markle
@University Advisory Committee 
to the Board of Trustees
*Paul Stoddard
Paul Stoddard
  Xueshu Song Xueshu Song    
  Ferald Bryan Ferald Bryan Ferald Bryan Ferald Bryan
  Joseph "Buck" Stephen Joseph "Buck" Stephen Joseph "Buck" Stephen  
  Shey Lowman Shey Lowman    
  Donna Smith Rachel Turner    
@Faculty Advisory Committee to the IBHE Patricia Henry      
@Supportive Professional Staff Shey Lowman Shey Lowman    
@Assistant Chair, APC Payvar Parviz Denise Schoenbachler    
@Assistant Chair, GC Diana Swanson Yale Factor    
@Assistant Chair, UCC Art Doederlein Art Doederlein    
@Student Association Liaison Craig Marcus DuJuan Smith    
                * Executive Secretary of University Council and President of Faculty Senate
                ** Vice President of Faculty Senate
                #Secretary of Faculty Senate
                @Ex officio, nonvoting
               ^J. Hillery serves for E. Miller (sabbatical)