Unity in Diversity Steering Committee  


Membership of Unity in Diversity Steering Committee

  1. The Unity in Diversity Steering Committee is directly responsible to the vice president for Student Affairs and shall consist of personnel as listed below under membership. Appointments will be made by the relevant campus student organization, administrative unit or entity. The faculty members at large shall be nominated by the Faculty Senate. The supportive professional staff representative and the operating staff representative shall be nominated by their respective councils.

    The vice president for Student Affairs may appoint up to three additional voting members in order to include under-represented university constituencies. Those members shall serve one-year renewable terms. Terms of service for all other members shall be two years not limited to one term, unless otherwise stated, and staggered to provide overlapping membership. All terms commence August 15. Each Unity in Diversity Steering Committee member shall have one vote.

    The vice president for Student Affairs shall appoint a chair in the spring for the succeeding two years. The student co-chair(s) shall be appointed by the Campus Activities Board/Unity in Diversity. One of the Student Association representatives shall be the Student Association Cultural Relations Adviser or designee.

    It is expected that the SA minority relations advisor or designee will represent the interests of such minority organizations as the LGBC, NATIONS, and others not specifically represented.

  2. The duties of the Unity in Diversity Steering Committee shall be to coordinate the university's Unity in Diversity activities and calendar of events designed to acknowledge, educate, and celebrate the diversity of the Northern Illinois University campus community relative to race, gender, sexual orientation, culture, religion, and physical ability.


Center for Southeast Asian Studies Julia Lamb Julia Lamb  
Center for Black Studies  Derrick Smith Derrick Smith  
Educational Services & Programs Colette Maher  
Faculty-at-large (2) Linda Yasui Linda Yasui  
  Nadine Dolby Louise Ciallella Louise Ciallella
Operating Staff Rita Reynolds Elizabeth Buck Elizabeth Buck
Supportive Professional Staff Phinette Maszka Phinette Maszka  
University Libraries Byron Anderson Byron Anderson  
University Resources for Latinos Carolyn Anderson Carolyn Anderson  
University Resources for Women Judy Skorek Judy Skorek  
Campus Activities Board (2) DeVeeta Blackman DeVeeta Blackman  
Center for Accessibility Resources Jennifer Montag  
Division of Student Affairs (2) David Lochbaum David Lochbaum  
University Programming & Activities Michelle Bringas *Michelle Bringas  
Residence Hall Association    
Student Association (3) Rachel Turner Rachel Powe  
Presidential Commission on Sexual Oreientation and Gender Identity Margaret Cook
or Pattie Garcia
Margie Cook
or Pattie Garcia
Underrepresented University Constituencies (3) Jolene Skinner
Promod Vohra
Wei Lou
Jolene Skinner
* Chair