Operating Staff Council  

(Constitution, Article 7.2; Bylaws, Article 1.6)

Membership of Operating Staff Council

The members of the operating staff of Northern Illinois University have the right to organize a council to represent their constituency. The OSC is an integral part of the university governance system through its participation, communication, advisement, and assistance on the resolution of issues and the formulation of policies relevant to the general welfare of operating staff employees. The operating staff, through its OSC, may communicate its concerns to the relevant administrative bodies, to the appropriate vice president(s), to the president of the university, and shall then have the right of ultimate appeal to the Board of Trustees.

  1. The Operating Staff Council shall consist of sixteen (16) elected representatives. There shall be at least one elected representative from each division that employs operating staff. The balance of open seats shall be filled by election from members of the operating staff at large.

    The OSC serves as an advisory group to the university administration concerning the general welfare of operating staff employees and is responsible for appointing operating staff employees as representatives on various university committees. It provides a means of effective communication between members of the operating staff and the university administration. In addition, the OSC plans and organizes recreational and educational activities for the operating staff and authorizes expenditures of funds under its jurisdiction.

    The Operating Staff Council shall:

    Work closely with Human Resource Services and advise the university administration and other relevant bodies concerning the general welfare of operating staff employees;

    Initiate studies or direct communications designed to accomplish more effectively and efficiently the purpose of the university through the operating staff.

  2. Operating staff employees in status positions are eligible to become elected members of the OSC. The manner and process for determining eligibility are contained in the Operating Staff Council Bylaws. Each representative shall serve a three-year term. The president of OSC shall have served at least one year on OSC.

  3. The president of OSC or the president's designee shall be the OSC's voting representative on the University Council for the term of office of the OSC president. The OSC shall choose an additional ex officio, nonvoting member to serve on the University Council from the operating staff at large. The ex officio, nonvoting member is required to attend all OSC meetings. Term of office is one year.


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