Membership of Presidential Commission on Sexual Orientation

A.     The Presidential Commission on Sexual Orientation shall be composed of no fewer than fifteen (15) members, drawn from all major constituencies of the university
        which include faculty, staff and students. In keeping with the Bylaws, Article 15, Section 15.9, the committee shall include minority representation.

        Members shall be appointed by the president from nominations or volunteers solicited by the president through an annual, university-wide process. Membership
        shall include representation from diverse constituencies.

        Faculty and staff members shall be appointed to serve three-year staggered terms. Student members shall serve one-year terms.

        All members shall be eligible for reappointment.

        The committee shall elect a chair and secretary from its membership to serve a one-year renewable term.

        A representative from Affirmative Action and Diversity Resources Committee and the PRISM faculty advisor will be ex officio voting members.

B.     The commission shall be the primary channel by which advice is given to the president on issues and concerns of gay, lesbian and bisexual individuals at the
        university. Committee members shall serve on behalf of the entire university community.


Faculty Walter Atkinson Walter Atkinson Walter Atkinson
John Butler John Butler
Robert Brookey Robert Brookey Robert Brookey
Robert Ridinger Robert Ridinger Robert Ridinger
Diana Swanson Diana Swanson Diana Swanson
Supportive Professional Staff *Norden Gilbert *Norden Gilbert Norden Gilbert Norden Gilbert
Tara Dirst Tara Dirst Tara Dirst
Julia Lamb Julia Lamb Julia Lamb
Carolyn Law Carolyn Law Carolyn Law
Colette Maher Colette Maher Colette Maher
Mary Shelden Patrick Voisine Patrick Voisine Patrick Voisine
Judy Skorek Judy Skorek Judy Skorek Judy Skorek
Susan Hansfield Susan Hansfield Susan Hansfield
Operating Staff Judy Burgess  Judy Burgess
Donna Smith Donna Smith
Deborah Vaughn
Charles Schumann Charles Schumann Charles Schumann
LGBT Program Coordinator Margaret Cook Margaret Cook
Counseling and Student Development Diane Pospisil-Kinney Tara Kacmarcik
Housing and Dining Services Linda Tillis Sandi Carlisle
@Ombudsman Tim Griffin Tim Griffin
@PRISM Faculty Advisor Sue Willlis Sue Willis
@Representative, Affirmative Action and 
Diversity Resources Committee
Deborah Haliczer Deborah Haliczer
Students Wayne Wilkinson
Louise Steeves
Karen Frost
                                * Chair
                                @Ex Officio, non-voting