Membership of University Press Board

A.   The University Press Board consists of the Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School, chair, the director of the University Press,
        secretary ex officio; four faculty members from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; six faculty, one from each other college, and one faculty member
        from the University Libraries. The college councils, the faculty of the College of Law, and the Library Council shall forward at least two names for positions
        to be filled by the Faculty Senate, which will make recommendations to the president for appointment to three-year terms.

B.     The primary function of the University Press Board is to assure standards of high quality for all University Press publications. Specifically, this includes:

        Substantive changes in policy are subject to University Council approval.


*Vice President for Research
and Dean of the Graduate School
ØT. Daniel Griffiths Rathindra Bose
†Director, University Press Mary Lincoln Mary Lincoln
Business Harry Wright Harry Wright
Education Karen Cole Karen Cole
Engineering & Eng. Technology Ibrahim Abdel-Motaleb Youakim Al-Kalaani Youakim Al-Kalaani Youakim Al-Kalaani
Health and Human Sciences Ngoyi Bukonda Ngoyi Bukonda
Law Lorraine Schmall Lorraine Schmall Loraine Schmall
Liberal Arts and Sciences Jozef Bujarski **Jozef Bujarski
Orayb Najjar Orayb Najjar Orayb Najjar
David Kyvig  Maryline Lukacher Maryline Lukacher Maryline Lukacher
Ferald Bryan Ferald Bryan Ferald Bryan
Visual and Performing Arts Brian Hart Brian Hart
University Libraries William Baker William Baker
                                * Chair
                                † Ex officio
                                Ø Acting
                                **C. Thompson serves Spring 2004 for J. Bujarski (sabbatical leave)