(Bylaws, Article 15.3)

Membership of Campus Security & Environmental quality committee

A.     The Campus Security and Environmental Quality Committee shall consist of the following members:

                The executive vice president and provost; the vice provost for student affairs; the vice president for development and university relations; and the
                executive vice president for business and finance, or their designees;

                The chair of the Faculty Senate-University Council Committee on Resources, Space, and Budgets; the associate vice president for operations, the Public
                Safety director, the Campus Parking Services manager, director of Environmental Health and Safety or designee, the landscape architect, and the director
                of Student Life Policy or his/her designee;

                Two faculty appointed to serve two-year staggered terms by the Faculty Senate from nominees submitted by the college councils, the Library Council and
                the faculty of the College of Law; two operating staff appointed to serve two-year staggered terms by the Operating Staff Council; and two Supportive
                Professional Staff appointed to serve two-year staggered terms by the Supportive Professional Staff Council;

                Four students appointed to one-year terms, including one resident undergraduate student, selected by the Residence Hall Council; one graduate student,
                selected by the Graduate Council; one Greek community student, selected by the president of the Student Association; and one commuting student,
                selected by the president of the Student Association;

                A representative of the City of DeKalb, appointed by the City Manager.

B.     Duties of the Committee

        The committee shall meet on a regular basis and shall advise the president on matters involving the security (including personal and property security) of the
        university community and protecting and enhancing the interior and exterior quality and security of the campus environment. Membership on the committee shall
        assure broad and balance representation of the university community and its geographic regions (e.g., Greek row, residence halls, parking areas, classrooms).

       The chair of the committee shall be appointed by the president from its membership.


Executive vice president and provost or designee Frederick Schwantes  Frederick Schwantes
Vice provost for Student Affairs or designee Michael Coakley  Michael Coakley
Vice president for Development and University Relations or designee Joe King  Joe King
Executive vice president for Business and Finance or designee Dori Hooker Dori Hooker
Faculty member (by FACULTY SENATE) Julie Robertson Julie Robertson
Faculty member (by FACULTY SENATE) Mary Grosch Jana Brubaker Jana Brubaker
Chair of Joint FS-UC Committee on Resources, Space, & Budgets Herb Rubin  William Goldenberg
Associate Vice President for Operations or designee *Robert Albanese  *Keith Jackson
Director, Public Safety Donald Grady Donald Grady
Manager, Campus Parking Services Ron Pearson  Ron Pearson
Director of Environmental Health and Safety or designee Michele Crase  Michele Crase
Landscape Architect Jim Murphy  Jim Murphy
SA Student Life representative Krissy Melander  
SPS representative Steven Estes Steven Estes
SPS representative Robert Huffstutler  Mary Crocker Mary Crocker
OS representative Sheila Berg
OS representative Lori Sprague Lori Sprague
Student (by RHA) Alex Underwood Keith Kruchter
Student (by Graduate Council) Theresa Kirner  
Commuting student (by SA)    
Greek Community representative (by SA)  Craig Marcus  Craig Marcus
City of DeKalb representative (by City Manager) Carl Leoni  Carl Leoni
                        * Chair