Membership of CITC

A.    Faculty Representation

        Representation on CITC will include 12 representative from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, 12 representatives from the College of Education, 2 representatives from the
        College of Health and Human Sciences and 2 representatives from the College of Visual and Performing Arts.  All representatives must be from initial certificaiton program areas.

        Each faculty representative shall have only one vote.

        Each college shall determine how many representatives shall come from each certification program area.  Each certification area shall have at least one representative.

        Faculty representatives shall be elected annually by the academic department faculties having administrative responsibility for the initial teacher certification program(s).  Each
        department shall notify the University Coordinator of Teacher Certification of the faculty elected.  Each department should acknowledge that responsible membership on CITC and
        its subcommittees may require a substantial commitment of time on the part of the program representatives, and this should be taken into account when program representatives are

        Program representives have the authoirty to speak for their programs in discussions and votes of CITC.  These persons, or their designees, will serve as the official program contact
        persons outside of CITC meetings when questions relating to that certification program arise within the university  Each program representative is responsible for keeping other
        program facuty appropriately informed of pertinent actions of and issues being addressed by the CITC, for keeping CITC informated of pertinent new and developments related to
        certification, and referring CITC related inquiries appropriately.

B.    Student Representaion

        There shall be one student representative for each of the college housing an initial teacher certification program.

        Student representatives must be admitted to and enrolled in an approved initial teacher certification program.

        Each college shall determine the methods of selection for its reppresentative.  Each college shall notify the University Coordinator of Teacher Certification of the student elected.

        Each student representative shall have one vote.

C.    Administrative Representation

        Ex officio members of the CITC shall include a representative from the Provost, Dean of each college housing an initial teacher certification program, Dean of the Graduate School,
        Director of Registration and Records, Coordinator of Community College Relations, the University Certification Officer, the University Coordinator of Teacher Certification, and the
        Alternative Certification Coordinator.

        Ex officio members shall serve without a vote.

D.    Terms of Office

        Faculty elected to the CITC shall serve until replaced by the respective academic department faculties.

        Student representatives shall serve terms of one year beginning on August 16 or as soon as appointed thereafter.

        Adminstration representatives shall serve as long as each person continues to hold the office upon which representation is based.


Art Kerry Freedman
Biology Jon Miller
Chemistry Gary Baker
College of Education At-large David Walker
College of Education At-large Julio Rique
College of Education At-large Pamela Nelson
Early Childhood Education Maylan Dunn
Elementary Education Karen Carrier
Elementary Education Mary Beth Henning
English Larry Johannessen
Family, Consumer, and Nutrition Sciences Bette Montogomery
French Michael Mazzola
General Science Mark Fischer
Geology/Physical Science C. Patrick Ervin
German Jessamine Cooke-Plagwitz
Health Education *Sally Conklin
History J. D. Bowers
LBS 1 Karen Cole
LBS 1 Toni Vanlaarhoven
Mathematics Ellen Hines
Music Glenda Cosenza
Physical Education (6-12) Linda Hilgenbrinct
Physical Education (K-12) Connie Fox
Physics Augden Windelborn
Social Sciences Gabe Logan
Spanish Michael Morris
Special Ecuation - D/HH Norm Stahl
Special Educaiton - Vision Antoinette Heinze
+ Vice Provost Earl Seaver
+ University Certification Officer Christine Sorensen
+ College of Education Diane Jackman
+ College of Health & Human Sciences Shirley Richmond
+ College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Fred Kitterle
+ College of Visual & Performing Arts Harold Kafer
+ Community College Relations Missy Gillis
+ Graduate School Carla Montgomery
+ Registration & Records Suzanne Warber
+ Univ. Coordinator of Teacher Certification Al Buehler
+Alternative Certification Coordinator
College of Education - Student Anna Stolz
College of Health and Human Sciences - Student  Marsha Larson
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences - Student  
College of Visual and Performing Arts - Student
                                                            * Faculty Chair
                                                            + Ex officio, nonvoting