Membership of Campus Parking Committee

A.     The Campus Parking Committee is directly responsible to the executive vice president for Businees and Finance, who shall report to the president regarding matters
        of concern to the committee and recommend for the promulgation of parking and traffic regulations prepared by the committee. The Campus Parking Committee
        works closely with the Parking Appeals Committee and appoints one member to the Parking Appeals Committee annually.

        The committee shall consist of the following voting members:

                Four faculty members, appointed by the president from two nominees submitted by each of the college councils, by the Library Council, and by the faculty
                of the College of Law;

                Four operating staff employees appointed by the president from eight nominees submitted by the Operating Staff Council;

                Four members of the supportive professional staff appointed by the president from eight nominees submitted by the Supportive Professional Staff Council;

                Four students, one of whom shall be a graduate student and one shall be a commuting student, appointed by the Student Association;

                Landscape architect;

                Associate vice president for Finance and Facilities;

                Campus Parking Manager;

                Others who may be directly involved in campus parking issues may assist the committee as resource personnel.

        The term of office of the faculty, the operating staff, and the supportive professional staff members shall be three years staggered; all terms commence August 15.
        The term of office for student members shall be one year, two appointed by August 15, two appointed by January 1. The chair shall be elected by and from the
        voting members of the committee.

        The landscape architect, the associate vice president for Finance and Facilities, and the campus parking manager shall serve as ex officio, nonvoting members of the committee.

        When additional parking is under consideration, the chair or the chair's designee of the Campus Security and Environmental Quality Committee and the Faculty
        Senate-University Council Committee on Resources, Space, and Budgets shall be involved.

B.     The duties of the committee shall be:

        1.     To act as the standing advisory body to the president, the executive vice president for Business and Finance, and the university community pertaining to
                parking and traffic problems.

        2.     To oversee, review, and make recommendations regarding the parking entity fiscal year budget proposals, the actual budget, and fees required through the

        3.     To review, recommend changes to, and develop parking and traffic regulations pertaining to all vehicles as used by students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Such
                regulations are promulgated by the president under authority granted by the Board of Trustees.

        4.     To develop and continuously review long-range plans for campus parking.


Faculty (4) Danielle Jay  Danielle Jay Danielle Jay Danielle Jay
  Byron Anderson Byron Anderson   
  Neil Polans Neil Polans  
James Stewart James Stewart
Operating Staff (4) David Bass David Bass David Bass David Bass
  LaRonda Thuestad LaRonda Thuestad LaRonda Thuestad LaRonda Thuestad
  Shirley Mashare Shirely Mashare 
  Charles Cochrane Charles Cochrane Charles Cochrane 
Supportive Professional Staff (4) Eric Shultz Eric Shultz Eric Shultz 
  *Norm Jenkins Norm Jenkins  
  Wendy Raver Wendy Raver Wendy Raver 
  Jerry Wright Jerry Wright Jerry Wright 
Students (4) Maurice Montgomery
Keith Kruchten
Yusef McNeal
Phil Stroud
+Landscape Architect James Murphy   James Murphy  
+Associate Vice President Finance and Facilties Robert Albanese  Robert Albanese  
+Campus Parking Manager Ron Pearson  Ron Pearson  
                                  +Ex officio, nonvoting