(Bylaws, Article 2.4)

Membership of UCPC

A.     All voting members of the University Council Personnel Committee shall be tenured members of the faculty. The committee shall consist of members chosen as

        Seven members of the University Council, one each from among the faculty elected to represent the colleges of Business, Education, Engineering and
        Engineering Technology, Health and Human Sciences, and Visual and Performing Arts, and two from among the faculty elected to represent the College
        of Liberal Arts and Sciences. These members shall be appointed by the Faculty Senate prior to the selection of other members of the committee, and shall serve
        staggered two-year terms during their membership on the University Council.

        Members from the faculties of the colleges chosen as follows:

        One member from each of the following college councils chosen by members of that college council: Business, Education, Engineering and Engineering
        Technology, Health and Human Sciences, Liberal Arts and Sciences, and Visual and Performing Arts;

        Such members shall not be chosen from the same academic departments as the members selected for the committee from these colleges by the Faculty

        One member from the faculty of the College of Law and the University Libraries chosen by that faculty.

        The vice president for research and dean of the Graduate School who shall serve ex officio, nonvoting;

        The executive vice president and provost who shall serve as chair, ex officio, nonvoting.

B.     The committee's duties are to provide colleges and the faculty with university criteria, current policies, and compliance dates for various personnel actions; to
        review and formulate recommendations for academic personnel for all proposed changes in university policy pertaining to salary increases, tenure, promotions in
        rank, and for sabbatical leaves, and to report such recommendations to the University Council.



UCPC From the University Council
Business John Engstrom John Engstrom
Education Corenna Cummings Corenna Cummings
Engineering and Engineering Technology Xueshu Song Simon Song
Health and Human Sciences Dianne Cearlock Ken Burns Ken Burns
Liberal Arts and Sciences John Wolfskill John Wolfskill John Wolfskill
Liberal Arts and Sciences Patricia Henry Patricia Henry
Visual and Performing Arts William Goldenberg William Goldenberg

UCPC From the College Councils
Business Rick Ridnour Charles Peterson
Education Gene Roth Gene Roth
Engineering and Engineering Technology Jule Scarborough Jule Scarborough
Health and Human Sciences Josephine Umoren Kelly Hall
Law David Gaebler David Gaebler
Liberal Arts and Sciences Neil Rickert Neil Rickert
Visual and Performing Arts Terry McClellan Jeff Kowalski
University Libraries Karen Hovde Earl Shumaker
*øExecutive Vice President and Provost Ivan Legg Ivan Legg
øVice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School **T. Daniel Griffiths Rathindra Bose
                                 * Chair
                                 øEx officio, nonvoting