(Bylaws, Article 15.4)

In accordance with the description of the University Advisory Committee to the Board of Trustees that was approved by the University Council on February 14, 1996, the University Advisory Committee shall consist of the president of the Faculty Senate, the presidents of the Supportive Professional Staff and Operating Staff Councils, and three additional faculty selected to represent the faculty's multiple roles in the university, particularly those in teaching, research, and service.  These faculty shall be nominated by the executive secretary of the University Council and confirmed by the University Council.

The Board of Trustees expects the president to meet regularly with the University Advisory Committee.  The president shall keep the University Advisory Committee informed of and shall seek and receive advice from it about matters coming before the Board of Trustees.  The University Advisory Committee may appoint one or two of its members to serve as liaison to each of the working committees of the board.  A University Advisory Committee liaison, or a spokesperson chosen by the University Advisory Committee because of expertise on a specific issue, will be recognized at a regularly scheduled point on the committee agenda.

The committee shall be accountable to the University Council. Members of the committee shall also be accountable to their specific university organization--Faculty Senate, Operating Staff Council, or Supportive Professional Staff Council.

The faculty members shall be nominated by the executive secretary of the University Council and confirmed by the University Council. They shall serve three-year terms.


*Sue Willis *Sue Willis
James Lockard Xueshu Song Xueshu Song Xueshu Song
William Tolhurst William Tolhurst William Tolhurst
Paul Loubere Paul Loubere
Beverly Espe Beverly Espe
Sara Clayton Sara Clayton
                                                              *Executive Secretary of University Council

UAC Liaisons to BOT committees for 2003-2004:

Academic Affairs, Student Affairs and Personnel Committee - William Tolhurst, Paul Loubere
Executive Committee - Sue Willis
Finance, Facilities, and Operations Committee - Xueshu Song, Sue Willis
Legislation, Audit and External Affairs Committee -  Sara Clayton, Beverly Espe