2014-15 Committees of the University

The Faculty Senate
(Bylaws, Article 14)

Composition and Function

The Faculty Senate consists of the 32 elected faculty members of the University Council; one member elected by and from each academic department or school in the degree-granting colleges of the university, with two elected from each academic department or school of over 50 faculty members; and one member each from the College of Law and the University Libraries.

Among the ex officio nonvoting members is any faculty member of the University Advisory Committee (UAC) to the Board of Trustees and of the Faculty Advisory Committee to the Illinois Board of Higher Education who is not a voting member of the senate, the faculty serving as assistant chairs of the Academic Planning Council (APC), the Graduate Council (GC), and the Undergraduate Coordinating Council (UCC) if they are not otherwise voting members of the senate, the faculty athletics representative if not otherwise a voting member of the senate, and the two supportive professional staff members of the University Council.

The faculty members of the University Council shall be elected by the faculty members of the colleges, excluding the president's staff and the provost's staff, members of the Council of Deans, associate deans, assistant deans, assistants to deans and members of the supportive professional staff. The remaining faculty members shall be elected directly by each of the academic departments or schools in the degree-granting colleges of the university, the College of Law, and the University Libraries.

The Faculty Senate shall serve as the official voice of the university faculty of Northern Illinois University and as the authoritative representative liaison body between the faculty and the University Council, the president of the university, the executive vice president and provost, other vice presidents with respect to their responsibilities affecting the faculty, and the Board of Trustees.

In accordance with the Preamble and Article 7.3 of the university Constitution and the stated commitment to university governance as a shared process, the Faculty Senate shall serve the following purposes:

  1. To promote the representation of the faculty in the governance of the university;
  2. To encourage active faculty participation in the development of university policies and procedures;
  3. To discuss and recommend as a Faculty Senate policies affecting the university as a whole;
  4. To promote the welfare of the faculty and the university.

    For details see Constitution and Bylaws of Northern Illinois University.

Meets monthly on Wednesdays from 3 to 5 p.m.
2014-15 meeting dates are: September 3, October 1, October 29, November 19, January 21, February 18, March 25, April 22.


Business Chih-Chen Lee Chih-Chen Lee
Chih-Chen Lee
Business Elisa Fredericks Elisa Fredericks
Business Charles Downing
Brad Cripe (for Downing
Spring 2014)
Mark Riley Mark Riley Mark Riley
Education David Walker Cynthia Campbell Cynthia Campbell Cynthia Campbell
Education Rosita Lopez   Laura Hedin Laura Hedin Laura Hedin
Education Paul Carpenter Barbara Schwartz-Bechet
for Carpenter
Education Mary Beth Henning Mary Beth Henning
Education William Pitney *William Pitney
William Pitney
Engineering & Engineering Technology Ibrahim Abdel-Motaleb Ibrahim Abdel-Motaleb
Ibrahim Abdel-Motaleb

Engineering & Engineering Technology Abhijit Gupta  Shi-Jie (Gary) Chen Shi-Jie (Gary) Chen Shi-Jie (Gary) Chen
Health and Human Sciences Greg Long   Greg Long Greg Long Greg Long
Health and Human Sciences Donny Plonczynski Donna Plonczynski
Health and Human Sciences Donna Munroe Fall 2014 - Donna Munroe
Spring 2015 - Hamid Bateni for Munroe
TBD for Munroe TBD for Munroe
Law Elvia Arriola Fall 2014 - Therese Arado for Arriola
Spring 2015 - Elvia Arriola
Elvia Arriola
Liberal Arts & Sciences Melissa Lenczewski Melissa Lenczewski
Liberal Arts & Sciences Eric Mogren Eric Mogren Eric Mogren
Liberal Arts & Sciences Sean Farrell   Fall 2014 - Stephen Martin for Farrell
Spring 2015 - Sean Farrell
Sean Farrell Sean Farrell
Liberal Arts & Sciences Amy Newman Sien Deng for Newman
Sien Deng for Newman
Liberal Arts & Sciences Brad Sagarin Brad Sagarin
Brad Sagarin
Liberal Arts & Sciences Robin Moremen Robin Moremen
Robin Moremen
Liberal Arts & Sciences Stephen Martin 
(for Kolb)
Omar Chmaissem for Kolb
Liberal Arts & Sciences Tomis Kapitan Helen Khoury Helen Khoury Helen Khoury  
Liberal Arts & Sciences *Alan Rosenbaum  Dhiman Chakraborty Dhiman Chakraborty Dhiman Chakraborty
Liberal Arts & Sciences Khan Mohabbat Khan Mohabbat
Liberal Arts & Sciences Rosemary Feurer Rosemary Feurer
Liberal Arts & Sciences Kendall Thu Doris Macdonald Doris Macdonald Doris Macdonald
Liberal Arts & Sciences Virginia Naples Virginia Naples Virginia Naples
University Libraries Leanne VandeCreek Jana Brubaker Jana Brubaker Jana Brubaker
Visual & Performing Arts Peter Middleton  Janet Hathaway Janet Hathaway Janet Hathaway  
Visual & Performing Arts Jeff Kowalski TBD for Kowalski
Visual & Performing Arts Billie Giese Billie Giese
Billie Giese
Visual & Performing Arts Charlotte Rollman    Barbara Jaffee Barbara Jaffee Barbara Jaffee



Brad Cripe
TBD (for Cripe Spring 2014)
Meghann Cefaratti Meghann Cefaratti Meghann Cefaratti
Sukesh Patro
Sukesh Patro
Jon Briscoe
Jon Briscoe
Mark Rosenbaum
(for Zahay-Blatz)
Fall 2014 - Mark Rosenbaum
for Zahay-Blatz
Spring 2015 - TBD for Rosenbaum
Brian Mackie
Brian Mackie
Brian Mackie
Kinesiology & Physical Education
Marilyn Looney
Fall 2014 - Todd Gilson for Looney
Spring 2015 - TBD for Gilson
Todd Gilson for Looney
Counseling, Adult & Higher Education
Jane Rheineck
Lee Covington Rush
Lee Covington Rush
Lee Covington Rush
Literacy and Elementary Education
Mayra Daniel
Eui-Kyung Shin Eui-Kyung Shin Eui-Kyung Shin
Special and Early Education
Lynette Chandler
Greg Conderman
Greg Conderman Greg Conderman
Educational Technology, Research & Assessment
Rebecca Hunt 
Rebecca Hunt
Rebecca Hunt
Leadership Educational Psychology & Foundations
Stephen Tonks
Joe Flynn (for Tonks Fall 2013)
Stephen Tonks
Electrical Engineering
Lichuan Liu 
(for Abdel-Motaleb)
Fall 2014 - Michael Haji-Sheikh and Tim Johnson for Demir
Spring 2015 - Veysel Demir
Veysel Demir Veysel Demir
Industrial & Systems Engineering
Shi-Jie (Gary) Chen
Reinaldo Moraga
Reinaldo Moraga Reinaldo Moraga
Mechanical Engineering
Milivoje Kostic
Ji-Chul Ryu for  Kostic
Ji-Chul Ryu for Kostic
Abul Azad
Abul Azad
HEALTH & HUMAN SCIENCES                   
Allied Health & Communicative Disorders
Hamid Bateni
Fall 2014 - Hamid Bateni
Spring 2015 - King Chung for Bateni
Family, Consumer and Nutrition Sciences
Sherry Fang
Xiaolin Xie
Xiaolin Xie
Xiaolin Xie
Nursing & Health Studies
Mary Elaine Koren Mary Elaine Koren
Therese Arado  
Fall 2014 - Marc Falkoff for Arado 
Spring 2015 - Therese Arado 
Therese Arado 
LIBERAL ARTS & SCIENCES                   
Winifred Creamer
(for Kolb)
Mitch Irwin
Mitch Irwin
Mitch Irwin
Biological Sciences
Jozef Bujarski
(for Calvo)
Jozef Bujarski
Jozef Bujarski
Jozef Bujarski
Elizabeth Gaillard
Gary Baker for Gaillard
Gretchen Bisplinghoff
Jimmie Manning
Jimmie Manning
Jimmie Manning
Computer Science
Ibrahim Onyuksel
Fall 2014 - Ibrahim Onyuksel for Hou
Spring 2015 - Minmei Hou
Minmei Hou
Minmei Hou
**George Slotsve
**George Slotsve
Timothy Ryan
Lara Crowley (for Ryan Fall 2013)
Fall 2014 - David Gorman for Ryan
Spring 2015 - Timothy Ryan
Foreign Languages & Literatures
Christopher Nissen
Linda Saborio
(for Nissen Fall 2013) 
Tharaphi Than
Tharaphi Than
Tharaphi Than
Jim Wilson (for Goldblum)
Fall 2014 - Jim Wilson for Goldblum
Spring 2015 - Mike Konen for Wilson
Geology & Environmental Geosciences
Mark Frank
~ Paul Stoddard
Paul Stoddard
Paul Stoddard
Eric Jones (for Feurer)
Ismael Montana
Ismael Montana
Ismael Montana
Mathematical Sciences
Gleb Sirotkin
Gleb Sirotkin
Mathematical Sciences
Sien Deng
Joseph Stephen
Joseph Stephen
Joseph Stephen
Leonard Clapp
(for Allori)
Valia Allori
Valia Allori
Valia Allori
TBD (for Martin)
Fall 2014 - Dennis Brown for Martin
Spring 2015 - Stephen Martin
Political Science
Kikue Hamayotsu
(for Arnhart)
Art Ward (for Hamayotsu 2013-14)
Kheang Un
Kheang Un
Kheang Un
Keith Millis (for Parker)
Keith Millis for Parker
Diane Rodgers
Fall 2014 - Diane Rodgers
Spring 2015 - Fred Markowitz for Rodgers
Diane Rodgers
#Sarah McHone-Chase
#Sarah McHone-Chase
VISUAL & PERFORMING ARTS                   
Richard Siegesmund
Richard Siegesmund
John Novak
John Novak John Novak 
Theatre & Dance
Robert Schneider
Fall 2014 - Robert Schneider
Spring 2015 - Rich Grund for Schneider
Fall 2015 - TBD for Schneider
Spring 2016 - TBD
x University Advisory Committee 
to the Board of Trustees
*Alan Rosenbaum *William Pitney     
Greg Waas
Greg Waas
Rosita Lopez
Rebeccca Shortridge
Rebecca Shortridge
Rebecca Shortridge
Dan Gebo
Dan Gebo
Dan Gebo
Deborah Haliczer
Deborah Haliczer Deborah Haliczer  
Andy Small
Jay Montiero     
x Faculty Advisory Committee to the IBHE
Sonya Armstrong
Sonya Armstrong
Sonya Armstrong Sonya Armstrong
x Supportive Professional Staff
Deborah Haliczer
Deborah Haliczer Deborah Haliczer  
x Supportive Professional Staff Donna Smith Catherine Doederlein  
x Assistant Chair, APC
Marc Falkoff 
Marc Falkoff    
x Assistant Chair, GC
Janet Hathaway
Paul Stoddard     
x Assistant Chair, UCC
Carol Thompson
Joel Stafstrom     
x Student Association Liaison
Rebecca Clark
Alex Martin      
x Faculty Athletics Liaison
Matt Streb
Matt Streb      
x Parliamentarian Ferald Bryan Ferald Bryan    

*   executive secretary of University Council and president of Faculty Senate
** vice president of Faculty Senate
#   secretary of Faculty Senate
x  ex officio, nonvoting
~  Faculty & SPS Personnel Advisor