2013-14 Committees of the University

Presidential Commission on the Status of Women

Membership of Presidental Commission on the Status of Women


    A.  The Commission shall be composed of at least 15 members drawn from all major constituencies of the University: faculty, staff, and students. In addition to the 15 members, the following six areas will have an appointed representative: Provost's Office, Women's Studies, Women's Resource Center, Affirmative Action and Diversity Resources, Human Resource Services, and Athletics.

    B. In keeping with Section 15.9 of the Northern Illinois University Constitution and Bylaws, the Commission will include minority representation. Members shall be appointed by the President from a pool of nominations and volunteers solicited from major University constituencies.

    C. Non-student members shall be appointed to serve staggered three-year terms. Non-student members may not serve more than two consecutive terms; however, they may be reappointed after a one year absence from the commission. Student members will serve one year terms and will be eligible for reappointment. Any Commission member may remain beyond the three years’ commitment if elected to serve as chair for the coming year. Additionally, to preserve continuity, the Chair of the previous year(s) may be reappointed as a regular member for an additional year after the completion of her term.

    (Excerpted from the PCSW Bylaws, Section III. Membership.)


    A. The Commission shall advise the President on issues pertaining to the status of women at NIU. This will include informing the President about issues identified by the Commission itself by other units or persons within the University Community, or by the President.

    B. The Commission shall make recommendations to the President on studies, reports, or other actions needed to address particular issues related to the status of women. Where there are dissenting opinions, the Commission is responsible for reflecting the full range of thought on the issues.

    C. The Commission may hold hearings to collect information or request information from units within the University.

    D. The Commission, in carrying out its charge, may establish subcommittees whose membership may be drawn from non-Commission members in the University.

    E. This commission may suggest and sponsor programs that carry out the PCSW mission.

    (Excerpted from the PCSW Bylaws, Section II. Duties.)


    Presidential Commission on the Status of Women

    The PCSW meets from 1 to 2:30 p.m. on the second Wednesday of the month, except March.
    2013-14 dates are: September 11, October 9, November 13, December 11, January 8, February 12, March 5, April 9, May 14.

    MEMBERSHIP  2012-2013 2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016
    Larissa Barber Larissa Barber Larissa Barber
      Jeanette Rossetti **Jeanette Rossetti Jeanette Rossetti
       Alicia Schatteman Alicia Schatteman Alicia Schatteman
      Winifred Creamer  *Winifred Creamer  
      Kerith Woodyard Karen Samonds Karen Samonds Karen Samonds
      Frances Jaeger  Lisa Paul Lisa Paul Lisa Paul
      *Laura Vazquez Rebecca Hannagan Rebecca Hannagan Rebecca Hannagan
      Lichuan Liu Louise Ciallella Louise Ciallella Louise Ciallella
    Shanthi Muthuswamy Shanthi Muthuswamy Shanthi Muthuswamy
    Staff Jelmir Atkins Jelmir Atkins Jelmir Atkins
      Deborah Haliczer  
      Donna Schoenfeld (for Reed) Donna Schoenfeld Donna Schoenfeld
      Rebekah Kohli Rebekah Kohli Rebekah Kohli
      Marcella Reca Zipp      
      Susan Oppenborn

    Jan Vander meer (for Oppenborn)

    Jan Vander meer (for Oppenborn)
      Judy Santacaterina Judy Santacaterina Judy Santacaterina
      Carolinda Douglass Carolinda Douglass  
    Anne Hardy  
    Students Natalie Santiago Alexandria Aebly    
      Katie Seelinger    
      Alyssa Thomson    
    Provost's Office Carolinda Douglass Carolinda Douglass
    Women's Studies Kristen Myers Kristen Myers
    Women's Resource Center Lisa Schmiddt Carrie Williams
    Affirmative Action and Diversity Resources Angie Vargas Angie Vargas
    Human Resource Services Deborah Haliczer
    Athletics Monique Bernoudy  Monique Bernoudy    

    * chair
    ** assistant chair
    *** secretary