2011-12 Committees of the University

College Senates
(Bylaws, Article 15.1.2)

  1. The College Senate shall consist of the departmental chairs of the college and the dean or deans of the college. The dean, or the dean's designee, shall serve as chair of the senate and be responsible for preparing the agenda.

  2. The College Senate shall consider and review administrative matters of the college and advise the dean of the college on such matters.

College Senates Membership 2011-2012

College of Business

Denise Schoenbachler, dean
Daniel Wunsch, associate dean for administration
Elizabeth Towell, associate dean for undergraduate programs
Paul Prabhaker, associate dean for graduate programs

Jim Young, chair, Department of Accountancy
Marc Simpson, chair, Department of Finance
Sarah Marsh, chair, Department of Management
Geoffrey Gordon, chair, Department of Marketing
Chang Liu, chair, Department of Operations Management & Information Systems

College of Education

La Vonne Neal, dean
Jeffrey Hecht, associate dean
Connie Fox, associate dean

Barbara Johnson, chair, Department of Counseling, Adult and Higher Education
Lara Luetkehans, chair, Department of Educational Technology, Research and Assessment
Paul Carpenter, chair, Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education
Charles Howell, chair, Department of Leadership, Educational Psychology and Foundations
Norman Stahl, chair, Department of Literacy Education
Connie Fox, interim chair, Department of Special and Early Education

Terry Borg, director of external programs
Deborah Fransen, director of college relations

Sharon Smaldino, Morgridge endowed chair

College of Engineering and Engineering Technology
Promod Vohra, dean
Mansour Tahernezhadi, associate dean for research and graduate programs
Omar Ghrayeb, associate dean for outreach and undergraduate programs

Ibrahim Abdel-Motaleb, chair, Department of Electrical Engineering
Omar Ghrayeb, chair, Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering
Shin-Min (Simon) Song, chair, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Cliff Mirman, chair, Department of Technology

College of Health and Human Sciences
Mary Pritchard, interim dean

Brigid Lusk, chair, School of Nursing and Health Studies
Linda Derscheid, chair, School of Family, Consumer and Nutrition Sciences
Deborah Gough, associate professor, College of Health and Human Sciences
or Sue Ouellette, chair, School of Allied Health and Communicative Disorders

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Christopher McCord, dean
Sue Doederlein, associate dean for undergraduate affairs
Michael Peddle, associate dean for academic administration
Lesley Rigg, associate dean for research and graduate affairs

Kendall Thu, chair, Department of Anthropology
Barrie Bode, chair, Department of Biological Sciences
Jon Carnahan, chair, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Gary Burns, chair, Department of Communication
Nicholas Karonis, chair, Department of Computer Science
Carl Campbell III, chair, Department of Economics
Philip Eubanks, chair, Department of English
Katharina Barbe, chair, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
Andrew Krmenec, chair, Department of Geography
Colin Booth, chair, Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences
Beatrix Hoffman, chair, Department of History
Bernard Harris, chair, Department of Mathematical Sciences
David Buller, chair, Department of Philosophy
Laurence Lurio, chair Department of Physics
Michael Peddle acting chair, Department of Political Science
Gregory Waas, chair, Department of Psychology
Kirk Miller, chair, Department of Sociology

Reed Scherer, director, Environmental Studies Program
Michael Gonzales, director, Center for Latino and Latin American Studies
Judith Hermanson, director, Center for NGO Leadership & Development
Kurt Thurmaier, director, Division of Public Administration
James Collins, director, Center for Southeast Asian Studies
Rama Lingham, director, Division of Statistics
Amy Levin, director, Women's Studies  Program

Renee Page, assistant to the dean
Tammy Stevens, business administrative associate

College of Visual and Performing Arts
Richard Holly, dean
Deborah Robertson, associate dean

Douglas Boughton, director, School of Art
Paul Bauer, director, School of Music
Alexander Gelman, director, School of Theatre and Dance
Deborah Booth, director, CVPA External Programs
Josephine Burke, director, NIU Art Museum

Susan Carter, assistant to the dean and CVPA business manager