2010-11 Committees of the University

College Councils
(Bylaws, Article 15.11)

Membership of College Council

A. The College Council shall consist of tenured faculty of the college. There shall be a minimum of one member from each department. Other eligibility criteria for membership shall be determined by the faculty of the college. The dean of the college shall serve as chair and shall be responsible for preparing the agenda.

B. The duties of the College Council shall be:

1. To act in an advisory capacity to the dean of the college on policy with respect to instructional and educational matters of the  college;

2. To advise the dean of the college concerning salaries, promotion, and tenure;

3. To make recommendations to the University Council concerning the instructional and educational policies of the college and the university;

4. To select the appropriate number of its members to the personnel committee of the University Council. The appointment(s) must not be a department chair nor a member of a department one of whose member has already been appointed to the personnel committee (Bylaws, Article 2, Section 2.4).

College Councils Membership 2010-2011

College of Business: Donald Tidrick, Gerald Jensen, Lynn Neeley, Dan Weilbaker, Nancy Russo
Denise Schoenbachler

College of Education:  Gene Roth, Cynthia Campbell, Jenny Parker, Rosita Lopez, Don Richgels, Gregory Conderman
Dean: La Vonne I. Neal
Associate Dean: Connie Fox

College of Engineering and Engineering Technology: Ehsan Asoudegi, Meung Kim, Andrew Otieno, Donald Zinger
Dean: Promod Vohra
Chair: Andrew Otieno

College of Health and Human Sciences: Deborah Gough, Nancy Nuzzo, Sherry Fang, Sarah Cosbey, Donna Munroe, Sarah "Sally" Conklin
Associate Dean: Mary Pritchard
Dean and Chair:  Shirley Richmond

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences:  Leila Porter, R. Meganathan, Elizabeth Gaillard, Betty La France, Robert Zerwekh, Khan Mohabbat, Brad Peters, Nicole Clifton, John Bentley, Richard Greene, Jie Song, Eugene Perry, Barbara Posadas, Zhuan Ye, Mylan Engel, Dhiman Chakraborty, Gerald Gabris, Anne Britt, Fred Markowitz,
Associate Dean: Sue Doederlein
Associate Dean: Michael Peddle
Interim Associate Dean: Reed Scherer
Dean and Chair: Christopher McCord

College of Visual and Performing Arts: Kerry Freedman, Kim Kartens, Greg Barrett, Ron Carter, Melanie Parks, Paula Frasz
Associate Dean: Deborah Robertson
Dean and Chair: Richard Holly