Course Transformation Project Lite (CTP Lite)

CTP Lite Expectations

  • Select from listed learning models as a guide for lesson redesign:

Active Lecturing - The lecture is infused with extensive student involvement

Informal Collaborative, Small Group Learning - Students participate in small group activities  generally during class time - that facillitate the active construction of knowledge

Case-Method Learning - In relatively stable formal groups, students undertake a structured, complex intellectual problem or task

Service Learning - Students engage in some sorts of community activity that is related to the course.

  • Redesign of one unit (a topic, subject, or concept to which you would generally allot one week) to include experiential learning activities in harmony with the chosen model.
  • Revise student learning outcomes to include higher level learning and a plan for assessing student learning of the redesigned lesson.
  • Report results.

The eligible participants include tenured, tenure‐track, or other full‐time instructional faculty who wish to work on revising a unit or lesson of a particular course. The 16 faculty members selected through a peer-reviewed process become CTP Lite Fellows.


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