Course Transformation Project Lite (CTP Lite)

CTP Lite Faculty Benefits

  • Participate in a Community of Practice to develop their own work through active exchange and dialogue with other members of the cohort. 
  • Attend a day long faculty institute on student learning outcomes, assessment development and FDIDC services conducted on May 22
  • Report of transformation process during one on one meeting with CTP administrative team  schedule between May - Aug
  • Attend Community of Practice retreat in August to present and discuss transformed projects with other faculty member
  • Produce deliverables per guidelines: learning objectives and instructional unit plan, assessment unit plan, budget narrative, presentation of transformed project implementation
  • Receive development funds up to $ 1,250.00 to be used for developing transformed portion of the course. Examples of how these funds can be used: (1) Software to support redesign, (2) Equipment/ technology to help in redesign, (3) Development of media rich instructional materials, (4) Materials/supplies needed to aid experiential  learning experience in class, (5) Undergraduate assistant support to help with redesign, (6) Summer salary up to $750 (but only for non 12-month contracts)

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