Become CTP Fellow


Become CTP Fellow

Faculty selected to participate will:

  • Be designated as CTP Faculty Fellows.
  • Receive development funds to be used for a full course redesign with amounts ranging from $5,000 to $12,000 per course depending upon scope of the redesign and demonstrated need.
  • The amount of $3,000 from the total awarded will be available to each participant after the on-time submission and approval of four deliverables over the course development period.The four deliverables include assessment plan, draft redesign, final redesigned syllabus, and one semester of teaching the CTP course followed by one semester as a CTP mentor.
  • Up to $9,000 in additional funding is available to assist in the course transformation process.
  • Examples of how development funds can be used:
    • Graduate Assistantships or undergraduate student support to help with redesign
    • Course buyout (only available for the Spring semester)
    • Summer salary up to $3,000 (but only if you are not on a 12-month contract)
    • Software to support redesign or to be used as part of the redesigned course
    • Equipment/technology to help in redesign
  • Be eligible to receive ongoing funds if you continue in the CTP Faculty Fellows program beyond the initial project timeframe.
  • Receive support from OSEEL, FDIDC and OAS for the ongoing process of assessment and redesign.  CTP committee will provide pedagogical, instructional, technical, and assessment support through consultation, training and other resources.


Funding Priority

  • Large undergraduate courses (enrollment of over 100 in one section or multiple sections with enrollment over 100 total in a single term) taught at the 100 or 200 levels
  • General Education Courses including core competencies