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FAQ for students

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FAQ for students

Course Evaluation at NIU and the New Online System in Blue

1. Which colleges/departments are using the new online student course evaluation in Blue?

College of Business – Online courses only

College of Health & Human Sciences – All departments

College of Education – All departments

College of Engineering – All departments

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences - Physics and Online Philosophy only

College of Visual and Performing Arts - Online Art only

2. Does it really matter if I complete these course evaluations?

Yes. Feedback about your learning experience in your classes is vital to your instructors, departments and the college. Results of course evaluations are used by faculty and departments to make changes in course content, teaching approaches, and other decisions that support student learning. Departments and colleges may include information from course evaluations in other decisions, such as teaching assignments, personnel, and facilities.

3. When will my course evaluation be ready?

You will be notified by email when you have a course evaluation to complete. Starting and ending dates for completing course evaluations are based on course length and course start and end times.

Please make sure to check your NIU student email for notifications.

4. Where do I go to complete my online course evaluations?

You will receive a link to your course evaluations in your notification email.
You may also log into Blackboard and access your evaluations there.

5. Can I complete my evaluations using a mobile device?

Yes. The BlueEvaluation system works with laptops, smart phones and tablets as well a desktop computers.

6. Are my online responses confidential?

Yes. The new online system is designed to protect your confidentiality.

Course evaluation results shared with faculty and departments do not include your name or any other
Individually –identifiable information. Note that your written comments are included exactly as you submitted them.
Faculty and chairs are provided with course evaluation results only after grades have been submitted.

7. If responses are confidential, why do I have to log in and how I am able to receive email reminders?

BlueEvaluations uses your NIU login ID to secure your evaluation so that you are the only one able to login to your specific course evaluation.

The course evaluation software automatically sends an invitation and then reminders to students who have not submitted an evaluation on a pre-defined schedule.
These reminders are “personalized” using student names, based on the class list in MyNIU.
Instructors can see response rates and encourage students to complete the course evaluation.
Instructors do not have access to the actual course evaluation responses.

8. Will my instructor know if I completed the online course evaluation?

Summary reports of results to faculty do not include the names of students who have completed the evaluation.

9. I receive an error when I attempt to login. What do I do?

Students must use their ZID and password to access course evaluations. Make sure you are entering your ZID and password correctly. If you continue to receive a message please check your password here: Password Check

10. Can I save my evaluation and come back to it later?

Yes, you can save your evaluation in progress and pick up where you left off at a later date.
Make sure in order to submit your evaluation you hit Save and Submit when you are finished.
NOTE: Evaluations are not submitted until you select Submit.

11. I made a mistake in my evaluation and submitted it before I was finished. What do I do?

Send an email from your NIU ZID email account with your name, course, department, section and instructor to BlueEvaluations@niu.edu stating the issue. (Please note email from external email accounts will be ignored).

12. I thought I had completed my course evaluations. Why am I still receiving reminders?

Reminders are sent to students with any incomplete evaluations. Log into your account by using this link https://niu.bluera.com/niu or log in through Blackboard to make sure you saved and submitted all of your evaluations.

13. Who should I contact for support?

For login issues contact 753-8100 or visit the website for the Division of Information
Technology at DoIT.

Other questions and problems should be reported by emailing BlueEvaluations@niu.edu.