STAR Tutoring

STAR Tutoring

STAR tutoring is a tutoring program staffed by NIU pre-service teachers from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. 

Being involved in the STAR tutoring program provides multiple benefits to NIU educator licensure students:

  • STAR tutors learn valuable skills for working one-on-one with students and for diagnosing students’ learning needs. Tutors are required to log all their interactions with their tutees, which produces a rich source of data about student learning needs. 
  • STAR tutors also gain experience in implementing classroom management strategies, because they are given full responsibility for supervision of students who utilize the tutoring center. 

The STAR tutoring program is open to any and all DeKalb High School students who may use the tutoring services as often as they like.  STAR tutors are completing majors in academic fields (math, English, history, Spanish, and science); they bring content expertise to their work with high school students, and also serve as excellent role models. The STAR tutoring program is an important resource for DeKalb High School because it has significantly expanded the number of students able to access tutoring opportunities. Improving student performance is the overarching goal behind the STAR tutoring program, and equally important are the mentoring relationships that develop between educator licensure candidates and high school students. 

For more information on the STAR Tutoring program visit the links below, or contact Melanie Bickley at or (815) 753-0325.