Directory of Program Coordinators and Advisors

Biological Sciences Dr. Jon Miller, Coordinator 815-753-7828
Coordinator for Secondary Sciences
Judy Boisen, Science Coordinator 815-753-6819
Chemistry and Physics Dr. Michael Eads, Coordinator
Earth and Space Sciences Nicole Ladue, Coordinator 815-753-7935
English Judith Pokorny, Coordinator 815-753-6609
Foreign Languages Dr. Karen Lichtman, Director 815-753-6443
Peggy Durbala, Assistant Director 815-753-6449
History and Social Sciences Dr. Andrea Smalley, Acting Coordinator 815-753-0190
Kate Maley, Advisor and Instructor 815-753-5903
Frank Bell, Advisor 815-753-6576
Mathematical Sciences Renee Olsen, Coordinator 815-753-5390
Assistant Coordinator of Clinical Experiences Melanie Bickley 815-753-0325