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New in 2017

NIU's departments and colleges are always adding new camps to their line up of popular favorites like Speech, Athletics and Engineering Amusement.

STEM Outreach is offering a number of new, exciting camps this year.

Exploring STEM through Survival — In this exciting new track, campers will learn the science of survival. Campers will learn to use and appreciate nature as they learn to navigate using the night sky, identify useful and poisonous plants, purify drinking water, and even spend a night in a lean-to they construct themselves.

STEM Career Exploration:

  • Life Sciences — Campers will explore the variety of careers devoted to the science of life. We’ll take a tour of the NIU greenhouse, study biology with NIU faculty and grad students and even visit the cadaver lab.
  • Physical Sciences — Campers will explore the career possibilities available in the expanding fields of physics and chemistry. Campers will participate in hands-on experiments and activities as well as meet with NIU researchers, and even get an in-depth tour of Fermi Lab in Batavia.

The Digital Convergence Lab (DCL) is offering new video game topics this year

Minecraft & Video Game Design Camp — Use Minecraft to explore and build a virtual world while learning ComputerCraft and basic coding. Campers will develop skills in complex problem solving, working in teams and project management.

Python and PyGame Video Game Design Camp — Interested in coding and gaming but don't know where to start? Join us this summer for Video Game Design Camp using Python and PyGame. In this camp you will be introduced to programming concepts and terminologies using Python language and the module called PyGame.

2017 Summer Camps Brochure

See our 2017 Summer Camps Brochure