About Us


Anne SeitzingerAnne Seitzinger, Director
Phone: (815) 753-0700

Responsibilities include: Provide leadership and strategic direction for all aspects of NIU study abroad program administration; research, planning, development, marketing, and evaluation of NIU programs; editor of Faculty Handbook for NIU Administered (Faculty Directed) Study Abroad Programs, Faculty Training Handbook for NIU Administered (Faculty Directed) Study Abroad Programs, and program catalogs; develop new program initiatives; determine student eligibility for NIU study abroad programs; design and production of publicity materials; research and analyze data related to study abroad trends; and provide leadership in study abroad policy design.

Lauren MockLauren Mock, Associate Director for Enrollment and Outreach
Phone: (815) 753-0420

Responsibilities include: Outreach to students and colleagues at NIU, institutions of higher education, and study abroad affiliates; promote and support NIU study abroad programs; coordinate annual Study Abroad Fair; attend and assess campus promotional activities; assist students in choosing programs that would benefit them personally and academically; work with mass communication media to promote NIU study abroad programs; organize and oversee Peer Advising Program; and develop pre-departure and re-entry material for faculty and study abroad participants and attend pre-departure and re-entry meetings conducted on the NIU campus.

Amy PittsAmy Pitts, Study Abroad Registrar
Phone: (815) 753-9529

Responsibilities include: Preparation of course registration materials and course information for all participants in cosponsored and exchange programs; assist in the promotion of NIU's study abroad programs; register all participants in study abroad programs; process grades and change-of-grade forms for cosponsored participants; work with departmental chairs in regard to NIU course equivalencies for overseas courses; advise students about NIU cosponsored program prerequisites, credit transfer, and course selection; monitor student's academic progress and address credit issues before overseas add/drop period.

Jill VoddenJill Vodden, Program Coordinator for NIU Cosponsored Study Abroad Programs
Phone: (815) 753-7399

Responsibilities include: Assist in the implementation of NIU Cosponsored Study Abroad Programs in promoting and supporting these programs; assist and advise students in all aspects of study abroad, including NIU cosponsored study abroad, student exchange, and international internship opportunities from the time of initial inquiry to departure; pre-evaluation of applicants' credentials; respond to Web inquiries; process Student and Faculty International ID's and Hostelling International cards; manage cosponsored study abroad program databases; and assist with the production of handouts, booklets, brochures.