Fraternity & Sorority Life

UGC Crest

United Greek Council

The United Greek Council at Northern Illinois University is the home to 13 multicultural organizations. This council contains fraternities, sororities, and co-ed fraternities. UGC creates and maintains high standards in the life of fraternities and sororities by:

  • Coordinating and developing strategic action plans
  • Unifying Organizations
  • Promoting Higher Education
  • Providing Community Service
  • Enhancing Leadership

UGC Executive Board Contact Information

Marycarmen Ruiz

Sandra Robles

Osvaldo Flores
Judicial Chair 

Alexis Diaz
Social Chair

Greg Liwanag
Marketing Chair

Sergio Guzman
Vice President

Jennalyn Hernaez

Nick Arrenedo
Community Service 

Macy Gray
Academic Chair

United Greek Council Chapters

Alpha Phi Gamma Crest

Alpha Phi Gamma
Alpha Psi Lambda

Alpha Psi Lambda
Alpha Sigma Omega Crest

Alpha Sigma Omega
Chi Sigma Tau Crest

Chi Sigma Tau
Delta Psi Alpha Crest

Delta Psi Alpha
Gamma Phi Omega Crest

Gamma Phi Omega
Kappa Pi Beta Crest

Kappa Pi Beta
Lambda Upsilon Lambda Crest

Lambda Upsilon Lambda
Phi Rho Eta Crest

Phi Rho Eta
Sigma Lambda Beta Crest

Sigma Lambda Beta
Tau Phi Sigma Crest

Tau Phi Sigma

United Greek Council Colony

Kappa Phi Lambda Crest

Kappa Phi Lambda


Zeta Sigma Chi