The Division of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management is purposeful about planning, assessment, and enrollment analysis. Guiding the Division's planning initiatives are the 2011-2015 Student Affairs Strategic Plan and 2012-2016 Enrollment Management Strategic Plan. These plans were derived through a truly engaging and collaborative process that allows these living documents to continue to guide the annual planning, assessment, and enrollment practices of all departments encompassed by Student Affairs & Enrollment Management.

Tri-Annual reports intentionally contribute to the annual report process and provide transparency for the students we serve. As a values-driven Division, Student Affairs & Enrollment Management is proud of the continual planning and thoughtful implementation of the numerous programs and services provided by our 19 departments.

Student Affairs & Enrollment Management Assessment & Enrollment Analysis also provides leadership and consultation of Division-wide planning & assessment initiatives, monitors and assesses student learning and other measurable outcomes, collects, manages, and distributes campus-wide data about students, and initiates and manages data and related research projects focused on strategic enrollment for staff and graduate students in the Division of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management.

Please contact Amy Franklin at or 815-753-3040 for more information.