Assessment Strategy Guides

Elements of a Comprehensive Assessment Program

Student Affairs & Enrollment Management is committed to identifying and implementing methods for documenting student learning outcomes achieved through students’ interactions with each of the diverse areas represented in the Division. In order to successfully identify this out-of-classroom learning, it is necessary to utilize a broad range of assessment strategies and a diverse array of assessment methods. In addition to assessing student learning, these methods are further beneficial in that they support the dedication of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management in assessing essentials such as student needs & satisfaction, and student outcomes and departmental effectiveness.

Guiding Student Affairs & Enrollment Management in these efforts is the work of M. Lee Upcraft & John H. Schuh in their book Assessment in Student Affairs. As Student Affairs & Enrollment Management emphasizes a comprehensive assessment program, it will utilize many of the strategies already in place, while continuing to incorporate additional assessment approaches suggested by Upcraft and Schuh. These new strategies will be implemented on a rotating basis and will further enhance the Division’s ability to document student learning and program effectiveness. The cycle of assessment strategies is organized in an Assessment Strategy Grid. Please contact Brian Lance at with any questions.

To assist departments in implementing these assessment activities, the Division of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management has created a number of Strategy Guides. The information that follows provides specific guidance for a number of assessment strategies, including:


Internal/External Review

Needs or Satisfaction Assessment

5 Year Assessment Reviews