Internal/External Review

Instituting a comprehensive assessment program includes comparing local institutional efforts to professionally recognized standards and guidelines. As such, departments will be asked to conduct both an Internal and an External Review. The Internal Review will be guided by the Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS) functional unit standards. According to the CAS: Outcomes Assessment and Program Evaluation Services Self-Assessment Guide (SAG) Introduction and Instructions, the SAGs can be used by departments "to gain informed perspectives on the strengths and deficiencies of their services and programs and to plan for improvements." Once an Internal Review has been conducted, departments will work with their Associate or Assistant Vice President (AVP)/Supervisor to plan for an External Review, including identifying potential review team members.  Electronic copies of the CAS professional standards and guidelines are available by contacting Brian Lance at

FY16 Internal/External Review Assessment Strategy Guide  (pdf)

FY16 Internal/External Review Assessment Timeline (pdf)

Document Checklist Suggestions  (pdf)

Review Process Frequently Asked Questions  (pdf)

External Reviewer Approval Memo Template  (docx)

Consultant Letter Template  (docx)

External Review Site Visit and Report Guidelines and Template  (docx)

Sample Summary Report Template  (docx)