Video Competition

2011 Explain it! Video Competition Winners

Sponsored by the Department of Educational Technology, Research, and Assessment in NIU’s College of Education

Best in Show

May the Forces be With You
Narrators- Jarrett Gary, Regina Ivy, Kallie Matthews, Mackenzie Matthews
Appearing in the Video- Shanice Haney, Cody Kane, Brooke McDaniel, Alec McGraw, Mackenzie Matthews, Gezus Oliver, Cyrus Rhodes, Tyreick Tabb
Set up crew- Dominique LaSalvia, Jamerika Wilson, Ethan Rennison
Teacher- Larry Rosenberger
Videographer- Dave Heinzel

May the Forces be With You from Dave Heinzel on Vimeo.

Age Group Winners

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade
Apples, Apples, Orchard
Sean L.- spokesperson, videographer, iMovie editor
Kaitlin L.- spokesperson, videographer
Alisa L. (Sponsor)- videography teacher, iMovie teacher, coach

Apples Apples Orchard from K Loo on Vimeo.


3rd Grade – 5th Grade
Marshall Reeb - Scientist, project designer, actor/narrator, handyman, and video editor.
Amy Reeb (aka Mom) - Cameraman, video editor
Craig Kurek (aka Dad) - Carpenter, video editor

Hovercraft from Amy Reeb on Vimeo.

School Excellence Award

Oak Lawn Hometown District 123
For their productions of

The Life Cycle of Insects and Animals
Alex Rodriguez- Wrote opening sequence, played Dr. Atom. drew, took pictures, and recorded for the snake cycle.
Summer Mohammed- drew, took pictures, recorded, and edited the ant life cycle.

The Cretaceous Period
Ryan Kelly, Kyle Miskevico, Adam B., Elena C.

The Triassic Period
Vanessa Vihnanek, Gianna Rizzone, Corrin Smith

Be Hold! Dinosaurs
Daniel Gomez-Spoke in the opening title
Kymberly Navarette- Created Title, spoke in the opening title
Pablo Segundo-Spoke in the opening title
Sarah Hessien-Spoke in the opening title
Molly Sheehan, James Wirtz, Louie Sanchez, Nicole Parzygnat

How Shadows are made
Gavin Sheehan-Created Title
Alec Gonsch, Natalia Bukowski, Sara Jones, Dania Avilez

Diary of a Crayfish
Lukas Paltanavicius-Crayfish Rap, created crayfish costume, took photos
Weston Bol- Beginning narration
Matthew Plutz- Drew crayfish in the beginning
Merle Barker- Beginning narration