Educator Resources


As teachers, your ongoing role in young peoples’ lives is much more influential in their attitude towards STEM learning than ours. One of our priorities is to support your efforts to interest and encourage your students to engage in their math and science courses and continue to choose coursework that would allow them to pursue STEM studies in college. Please feel free to contact us if you need assistance that you do not find here. We will do our best to help.

Bring NIU to You

Demonstration Programs Something for nearly any age group or size (download school programs flier)
Community Programs A variety of ways to get your students hands on science, technology, engineering, and math

Teacher Workshops and Conferences Participate as an individual in our conferences on campus or host a teacher workshop on your site

Visit NIU STEM Facilities

Bring your students to visit a single lab, or make a day of it.

Davis Hall Observatory is now open Tuesday and Friday evenings, a nice change for those wishing to bring their families.

NIU’s Animated Virtual Planetarium Award winning astronomy simulations for use in the classroom

Games and Extension Activities

Aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards, NIU developed games underscore important scientific concepts and coincide with extension activities to build even more on the principles based in the games. Choose from any of the following games.



Over the past few years several teachers have benefited greatly from tips we have passed along about opportunities for professional development, often at no cost to the teacher.  We will be posting these opportunities on Facebook and Twitter to disseminate them to a wider audience. You need not post anything online after setting up your account to follow us. In fact, you can have our updates sent right to your email account.

Economics Education

Econ Illinois helps K-12 teachers and schools integrate the teaching of economics and personal finance across the curriculum at all grade levels. STEM resources support science, technology and math through hands-on lessons, activities and student competitions.