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STEM Divas


Unleashing Beautiful Minds!

Add sparkle to your Saturday with some sassy STEM activities such as using chemistry to create lip gloss, manufacturing rings and earrings on a 3D printer, decorating hats with littleBits electronics, weaving bracelets with conductive thread, and much more!

NIU female STEM students assist in facilitation and instruction with an approximate ratio of one facilitator per two girls. Participants learn and use the engineering design cycle in the design and creation of their projects, and work directly with facilitators to address stereotypes regarding females in STEM head-on through discussion and activities. STEM Divas classes are recommended for ages 7 and up, unless otherwise indicated.

Fall 2016 Courses and Registration

October 29 – STEM DIVAS: Engineering 101

Meeting Time: 9:00am – 1:00pm
Meeting Room:  NIU STEM Classroom (Swen Parson 146)

Do you like solving problems? Well, engineers are professional problem solvers! In this class, you will look at the different types of engineering, and some of the challenges that engineers help overcome every day. Then you’ll use the engineering design process to create and refine your own solutions to several fun and exciting challenges. This class will introduce STEM Divas to the concepts of engineering and design with simple, hands-on activities and projects to stimulate their creative thinking. Working together to solve fun building challenges will boost STEM Divas’ confidence and innovation skills. Each student will leave with a project that they will be proud to have constructed.

Suggested Ages:  7 and up
Price: $42
Register here

November 12 and 19 – STEM Divas- Advanced 3D Printing and Intro to Scratch programming

Meeting Time: 9:00am – 1:00pm
Meeting Room: NIU STEM Classroom (Swen Parson 146)

Our STEM Divas program unleashes beautiful minds by introducing younger girls to positive female STEM role models through engaging projects that relate to their own lives and interests. 3D printers are used to create the impossible every day, even printing real working organs! The first part of this two-part class will be all about the amazing world of 3D printing! Divas will use CAD software to create their own personal figurine to take home, anything from action figures and toy cars to bracelets and toy pets. In the second part, STEM Divas will explore Scratch, a programming language and an online community where students can program and share interactive media such as stories, games, and animation with people from all over the world. This is a two-part class.
Suggested Ages:7 and up
Price: $84
Register here

December 10 – Holiday Party

Meeting Time: 9:00am – 12:00pm
Meeting Room: TBD

Our annual holiday party is our way of saying thanks to all our students and their families who participated in the fall 2016 STEM Saturday classes!  We’ll spend half the time doing a special holiday-themed demonstration show, complete with refreshments. The other half will be spent making science-themed gifts with the kids, while the adults get a chance to hear about some of our favorite STEMtastic gift ideas. 
Price: $10 per family
Register here

Want to partner with or support STEM Divas or looking for additional information?
Contact NIU STEM Outreach Associate Pettee Guerrero at (815) 753-0533 or

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STEM Divas

NIU STEM Outreach's STEM Divas initiative creates a community of confident female leaders and learners age seven and up who embrace femininity while using hands-on activities to explore science, technology, engineering, and math.

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