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Hands-On Programs

Afternoon of Inquiry

Let us bring a full afternoon (or morning) of exciting science to your classroom with an inquiry lab in either Batteries and Bulbs or Roller Coaster Motion. These labs are designed to get students involved from the first moment and keep them engaged and learning. Best of all, the equipment is inexpensive, making this an excellent opportunity for you to repeat on your own with future classes.

  • Batteries and Bulbs introduces electrical circuits, current, switches and resistance. Recommended for grades 3-6.
  • Roller Coaster Motion introduces speed, potential energy, kinetic energy, and conservation of energy. Recommended for grades 5-8.

STEM Exploration Labs

NIU’s Haunted Physics Laboratory has been a big hit on the road as well as on the DeKalb Campus of NIU. Using the "Haunted Hook" to draw families in, children and adults alike play with up to 100 interactive displays which capture the essence of various physical science concepts. NIU’s STEM Exploration Lab is a similar program without the "Haunted" theme. Bringing either Lab to your school can generate community wide interest in science as you recruit parent and high school volunteers to make it happen. Check out the STEM Exploration Labs flyer for more information.

Contact Pettee Guerrero, pguerrero1@niu.edu, (815) 753-0533, to bring one of these programs to your community or for workshops on developing your own hands-on science experience.

Science Day Camps

We also assist school districts in planning and hosting their own Science Day Camps. Please contact program coordinator Pati Sievert, psievert@niu.edu for more information.